Kentucky Wildcats Morning Headlines: Cats close in on Isaiah Briscoe

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Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a bye week and that means that Kentucky has a long wait till they get to hit someone other than their teammates. But bye weeks are not a bad thing. The Florida game provided a lot of teaching opportunities for this team plus a chance to let some nagging injuries heal a bit. The Kentucky staff is using this time to make sure Kentucky’s attitude stays strong and that the Cats are focused on Vandy.

"“Attitude’s good,” Stoops said. “I thought the players really took it to heart, really looked at the film, were very critical of themselves and looked at all areas where we all can improve.” During practice on Tuesday — the second of this bye week — the Cats spent time on fundamentals, correcting mistakes from the Florida game and getting a head start on preparation for Vanderbilt. Though the Cats have been appropriately hard on themselves, they’re also carrying confidence built on Saturday. “I think each step, each time you get closer and closer, they believe more and more,” Stoops said. “And I think most of them listen to you on Monday and I talked about that going into the game: Let’s not come in here and say, ‘Boy, that was close. Good effort.’ Because we’re not satisfied with that. I think each time you get closer and closer you put yourself in positions like that and we keep on working and fundamentally getting better, the next time we get that opportunity we’ll win.” Because of the bye week, that next opportunity won’t come for another seven days. Stoops would rather not wait for Sept. 27. “If it was up to me, I think I’d love to go play,” Stoops said. “Guys are in good spirits. We have a lot left in our tank. We got a lot more we can do, a lot better things and we’re excited to go to work. I wish we were playing, but we’ll deal with it the way it is.” On a positive note, the Cats will have an opportunity to recover from nagging injuries. Braylon Heard and Javess Blue, for example, played at less than full speed at Florida with ankle injuries, but they should be back for Vandy and Stoops said UK will be “close to a hundred percent” as a team."

Listen to your quarterback, people. And there is really no excuse to NOT pack the stadium versus Vanderbilt next Saturday as the UKAA is now offering $20 General ADmission tickets for the upper deck!