Kentucky Wildcats Football: This is why we play the games


Here we are just a bit over twenty-four hours away from the start of Mark Stoops’ second season as the head coach of the Kentucky Wildcats Football team.  And if you have spent any time at all reading any of the prognosticators, it seems as if they have simply copied and pasted the last few years predictions for Kentucky Wildcats Football.  The articles provide the necessary praise for the job Mark Stoops has done on the recruiting part of the job, yet the same old results seem doomed to occur.

USA Today spent several paragraphs discussing the change in culture and areas how UK would be better, but still rated Kentucky as the 104th best team out of 138.    Granted, THIS WAS WORSE than last seasons #101 ranking USA Today hung on the Wildcats.  Likewise this piece from the Bleacher Report where they spend a couple of minutes listing Kentucky’s strengths and then one commentator picks a 3-9 mark.  I have to admit that even I am a bit guilty of the less than stellar outlook when I picked a 4-8 mark for my beloved Cats.

In a way, I get the negative buzz on Kentucky.  Back to back 2-10 marks will do that to the fanbase and create the ultimate “show me” attitude.  But if we have learned anything from college football so far in this 2014 season, it is that you can pretty much throw out the stats and that absolutely anything can happen on the field.

This is why we play the games.

South Carolina marched onto their home field as the #9 ranked team last night to face a Johnny Football-less Texas A&M Aggies.  The Aggies were still ranked #21, but no one could see what was coming.  In just his first career start, In his first career start, Kenny Hill erased Johnny Manziel from the Aggie record books and he set the school record for completions and passing yards in a game. 

The Gamecocks spent the entire game playing catchup and were down 31-14 at the half and were blown out 52-28.  No one saw this coming, much less Steve Spurrier as the Aggies ran all over the hyped Gamecock defense for 680 yards.

This is why we play the games.

Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Meanwhile, what in the hell happened at Vanderbilt last night?

While the Commodores are not rated, they had been the surprise darling of the SEC the past two years and were facing a Temple team from the decimated and mocked American conference who had won just two games last year. Vanderbilt debuted their new coach and their “Anchor Down” uniforms, but in the end, it was the Commodores that were sunk 37-7 by the lowly Owls.

New Commodore coach Derek Mason was the picture of confusion as he played three quarterbacks and his running attack amassed 54 yards.

Once again, this is why we play the games.

And in addition to #WhyNot, this should be another slogan for the Kentucky Wildcats Football season.

Even though I picked this team to win four games, I think that it will be more. If you have watched Kentucky the past few years, you see about two games a year that they should have won but in the end, can not get the breaks. This team has the inner confidence that we have not seen in Lexington over the past several years and if you are looking for a SEC team to come out of nowhere, look no further than Kentucky.

I know we have heard this before, but in my gut, I honestly feel this year is different.

I believe. And so should you. And you should pack Commonwealth Stadium on Saturday and every game this year.

After all, you want to be able to say you were there “When …”. Get ready for another season of Kentucky Wildcat football and to fall in love with this team.

This is why we play the games.