Mark Stoops talks Kentucky Wildcats Football

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Credit: Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Q. (Question regarding how Patrick has responded.)

COACH STOOPS: He responded well. He was trying to be a good leader. When you’re in a quarterback battle, that’s tough to do sometimes. Think the comfort level of him trying to be the leader, trying to lead the offense has helped him. Getting some guys back healthy is good. Javess Blue has been back healthy out there for a few days. That helps as well.

Q. Home opener for the first time since 2007. Is there value in that?

COACH STOOPS: I definitely think so. Just playing at home in the opener is exciting to me. I know our fans are ready to go. We need to do our part. I know we’ll have great support. We need to go out there and start fast and play good football, play with great energy, play with great discipline, make it exciting for the fans.

Q. A lot of teams in this league don’t get to play their first two games at home. How important is that?

COACH STOOPS: I think it’s real important, I do. I think we need to start fast. We need to go out and play well. Like I said, we’ve talked a lot. Coach Spurrier always says it best: In the talking season, we talk a lot. We’ve improved. Our football team has worked hard. We’ll see where we’re at. I know we’re going to play better. It will be good to see these young guys get out there and play, see how we’ve improved, see the veterans, guys like Bud and Z, see them come out and see how much they’ve improved. It will be good to play at home.