Mark Stoops talks Kentucky Wildcats Football

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Mark Stoops held one of his last press conferences before Saturday’s season opener versus UT Martin.  He talked about a wide array of subjects from Bud Dupree playing linebacker to the development of Patrick Towles.  Here is a full transcript as provided by the UKAA.

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THE MODERATOR: Welcome, everyone. At this time we’ll turn it over to Coach Stoops.

COACH STOOPS: Thank you. It’s exciting. Finally game week. Players are excited. Coaches are excited. You know, ready to get this season going. As I said before throughout this summer, we’ve improved. Be interesting to go out there and see how much. I’m just as anxious as you are to get out there and get playing. It will be great to play a season opener. How long has it been, Tony? How many years since we played a home opener? 2007. That will be good. UT Martin is a good football team, well‑coached team. Four returning starters on the offensive line. We’ll have our hands full. We’re anxious to get out there and see how we can play.

Q. re: Darrian Miller off the depth chart.

COACH STOOPS: Yeah. He’s going to have to sit one game. Violation of team rules. He’ll be back game two.

Q. (Question regarding if Stoops is disappointed in Darrian because he was looked at as a leader.)

COACH STOOPS: It happened some time ago. We’ve addressed the situation. He’s done what he needed to do. He’ll be back in good standing after one game.

Q. How do you feel going into year two?

COACH STOOPS: You feel a lot better. You feel a lot more confident. But as I said, I think even as an assistant throughout all these years, you’re always anxious to get out there in the first game, see what you have, where you are. I know we’ve improved. We’ll see how much.

Q. (Question regarding Kyle Meadows.)

COACH STOOPS: I feel good about Kyle. Be good to get him out there and see what he can do. Jordan Swindle will do good on the left side.