Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: A Day In The Life Of John Calipari Part 2


A day in the life part 2

Yesterday I wrote an article about what a day in the life of University of Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari would be like.

After a long nights rest, I don’t think I really did justice to what Calipari is put through on a daily basis, still ending his day with a smile.

Calipari is ridiculed everywhere he goes, he probably hears more hateful things in a week than we hear in our lifetimes. It would suck to constantly hear horrible things people are saying, but I truly believe that fuels his fire. How strong of a person does it take to be that way? It’s one of the most impressive aspects of John Calipari in my eyes. He doesn’t let anyone shape who he is.

He has biological children, as well as former players who consider him a dad. If he was such a horrible person, would all of these people still be coming to him when they need something? I don’t think so.

There are always rumors that he has to address, always. Whether he’s cheating or leaving the University of Kentucky, he is addressing a rumor constantly. He shouldn’t have to prove his dedication to the Wildcats, but he does. And he does it with dignity and class. What more could you ask for?

There are no words to explain how meaningful John Calipari is to the Wildcat fans, city of Lexington, state of Kentucky and college basketball. He is an ambassador to the future of college basketball. He changes the view of college basketball everyday. He’s amazing through hardship. He’s our coach and our leader. We couldn’t ask for anymore.