Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: A Day In The Life of John Calipari


What is a day in the life of John Calipari like?

You wake up and go to mass everyday. You look down at your phone and see texts from NBA stars looking for your advice. You have a missed call from superstar Drake, who knows what he might want. You have 3 voicemails, one from each of your biological children. You probably even have a few texts from your current players and coaching staff.

Your network is huge and you have made more money coaching than you could’ve ever imagined.

Would you donate as much money as John Calipari? Have your own foundation?

Would you be every former players rock, even after they’ve been out in the real world for many years?

How would you balance your biological children’s needs along with the needs of those you’ve turned into your children over the past few years?

John Calipari may act like all of this is easy, and it might be for him, maybe he is a natural. But could you imagine having to face these situations all day, everyday?

Along with that, there are crazed fans that follow your every move and he handles them with more class than most would. Sometimes, I think he likes it.

A day in the life of John Calipari may seem appealing to most of us. We all know the money would be nice. Along with getting to live and breathe basketball..all of us fans are made for that. But the other aspects have me wondering how he does it. Everyone needs his attention and somehow he finds a way to give it to them without neglecting others who need it, too.

I would love to walk in his shoes for a few days to see what it’s really like to be John Calipari, but I can almost guarantee that by the end of those few days, I’d be ready to be myself again.