Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: Why Kentucky will Sweep Baylor in Double-Header

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Predicting exactly what will happen during tonight’s games is like predicting what tonight’s weather will be like, we just don’t know.  What we do know however, is that both games will likely be played with a high-energy, fast-pace and competitive style of play.  The #9 Baylor women’s team hasn’t yet proven themselves against a ranked opponent, while #5 Kentucky has against #3 Louisville.  As for the #20 Baylor men’s team, the toughest challenge for them was #8 Syracuse, which they lost too by seven points.  The #3 Kentucky men’s team has only played against one ranked team, #2 Michigan State and lost to the Spartans by four points.  Tonight will give us some insight of exactly how tough each team really is.

Plus, it’s always bigger in Texas, both games will be played in AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys.  In the words of Coach Cal, the “blue mist” should be everywhere tonight.  It should be a good homecoming for the Harrison Twins and Julius Randle as well.  Not to mention, a great opportunity for Matthew Mitchell’s Cats to gain some experience playing a top-10 team in a football stadium.  Playing in a football stadium is something that Coach Cal has advocated for a couple of seasons now.  It gives both teams a look of what to expect during the NCAA tournament, because most NCAA Final Four and Championship games are played in football stadiums.

Let’s start with the women’s team; they are on a great start to the season with an 8-0 start, a win over in-state rival #4 Louisville and they are ranked #5 in the nation.  The momentum seems to be going in favor of the lady Cats as they head into tonight’s game.  Especially since Baylor lost Brittney Griner to the WNBA last season and the fact that Baylor hasn’t actually played a ranked opponent this season.  It’s hard to say that Baylor is as good as years previous simply because of the loss of Griner.  Griner was basically Baylor’s woman version of Anthony Davis, it’s really hard to stop her and she’ll dunk and block over anyone who gets in her way.

However, if Matthew Mitchell’s Cats play too confident tonight, then it could be a completely different ball game.  Regardless if Baylor lost Griner or not, they are still ranked #9 for a reason.  Tonight’s game will likely be a very high-pace game with Odyssey Sims of Baylor continuing to add to her school assist record and we will likely see Adia Mathies continuing to score the ball efficiently as she enters tonights game with 16 points per game.  It should be an very exciting game to start the night to say the least.

Here’s a look at the lady Cats as they get ready for tonight’s game:

Tip for the women’s game will tip-off at 7:30pm on ESPN3.