Doug Gottlieb Gives Insight about Kentucky; Only One “Pro” and “Some Prospects”


CBS College Basketball analyst Doug Gottlieb seems to always give the Big Blue Nation to talk about.  This time, Gottlieb took to twitter today expressing his opinions about the talent of this season’s Kentucky team and how some of their talent is “wasted.”  Here’s what Gottlieb had to say,

On the amount of “pro’s” on this season’s team:

On Marcus Lee:

On James Young and his defensive presence:

Presumably, Gottlieb is talking about Julius Randle being the only “pro” on the team.  While, I agree that Randle is an exceptional player and will only continue to improve, I still believe that Kentucky has way more than just one “pro” on this team.  Sure, they have some improving to do, but it’s November and Coach Cal has even mentioned that himself.  It’s hard to not consider players like James Young, Willie Cauley-Stein, Alex Poythress, Marcus Lee and the Harrison Twins to name a few, as possible “pro’s” in the near future.  Those guys will make an impact, they just need to keep gelling together as a team and buy into what Coach Cal is telling them.  The moment that happens, like Cauley-Stein has said before, this team can be “scary.”

Gottlieb, however, did have some positive things to mention about this Kentucky team.  He believes that Kentucky has a chance at a national championship and likes the size and length of the Cats.  Gottlieb also made some interesting commenting regarding the dribble drive as well.

On Kentucky’s National Championship chances:

On James Young and his offensive ability:

On Coach Cal and Julius Randle:

On the dribble drive:

However, Gottlieb does bring up a point, will Kentucky continue to use the dribble drive as big as they are?  Maybe or maybe not, depending on what Coach Cal likes best.  Coach Cal certainly could still use the dribble drive with the Harrison Twins, James Young, Marcus Lee, Julius Randle, Dominic Hawkins and Jarrod Polson on the roster.  Lee and Randle are big, but can provide the quickness that is necessary for the dribble drive. Overall, this team is very versatile and look as though as they can adapt to different tactics.  Again, it’s hard to say that the dribble drive won’t work this early in the season.  But, it will be interesting to see how this team will blend together going forward.