Kentucky Wildcats 7 vs. Florida Gators 24 – Game Recap


UK Fake Field Goal vs. Florida Gators. Hat tip to GIFUlmination

The Cats came out on fire to start the first quarter and went back and forward with the Gators.  However, the Gators would score first with a rushing touchdown by Matt Jones.

The Cats would look to avenge the touchdown by the Gators and successfully drove the ball down into Gator territory.  However, it looked as though the Gators would come up successful by holding the Cats to a field goal.  Stoops, however, decided to fake the field goal and give the ball to Joe Mansour, the kicker for the Cats, who would scored on the attempt and successfully make the extra point afterwards.

To start the second quarter  it looked as though the Gators would have a first down deep in Kentucky territory.  However, thanks to a penalty, the Cats would come up with a key stop.  The Gators lost five yards and had to repeat third down.  Kentucky’s Bud Depree took advantage of an key opportunity to sack Florida replacement quarterback, Tyler Murphy.

In response to Dupree’s sack to Murphy, the Gators decided to kick a nearly 50-yard field goal and missed.  By doing so, the Cats then had an opportunity to drive the ball and get ahead of the Gators.  However, the Cats would come up short in the second quarter and had to punt.  However, the punt was nearly blocked as a Florida player was inches away from the ball as it was released.  The Cats would go on to allow the Gators to score two touchdowns.

Both Florida touchdowns in the second quarter were created by Murphy.  Florida’s first score of the quarter was a pass from Murphy to Trey Burton, to put the Gator’s up 14-7.  However, the Gators wasn’t finish scoring as Murphy called his own number for a rushing touchdown to end the first half with the Gators on top 21-7.

The third quarter looked to be a difference maker for the Cats when Josh Forrest intercepted a pass by Murphy that was intended for Jones.

The Cats would start their drive at the Florida 37-yard line, which would lead to some completions by Max Smith.  However, there was a controversial moment during the drive, Florida defensive player, Jabari Gorman looked as though what the announcers called “targeted” Kentucky player, Alexander Montgomery.  It looked as though Gorman target the head and neck area of Montgomery.  However, there was no flag on the play.

There was no happy ending in the third quarter however, as Max Smith’s pass to Javess Blue was picked off in the end zone by Vernon Hargreaves III.

During the fourth quarter, the Cats continued to move the ball, but the clock would be against the Cats as they tried to make up for lost ground against the Gators.  To make matters worse, the Gators would tack on a field goal early in the fourth quarter to widen the grab for the Gators 24-7.

However, around the 6:30 minute mark, the Cats would drive the ball close to the 20-yard line. But, the Gators made some key plays to hold the Cats from scoring, which would be the Cats last opportunity of the game.  Ironically the only score of the game for the Cats was by the kicker, Joe Mansour.

The Cats threw for 125 yards verses the Gators 156 passing yards.  The ground game wasn’t much better for the Cats as they were out ran by the Gators, 248 yards to 48 yards.  Kentucky ended the game with 173 total yards and only three penalties.  The Cats also forced the Gators to five penalties.  However, it wasn’t enough as the Gators won the battle on totals yards (402 yards) and time of possession (38:09 to 21:51).  Final score, Kentucky 7 – Florida 24.