3-Star Florida Receiver Alex Montgomery Commits to Kentucky

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Here is his ESPN profile:

"Montgomery is an intriguing and very athletic prospect as a flex TE/jumbo WR that has the build of a wide receiver, but aligns just about everywhere in this scheme. He is tall, strong, well-built and very athletic, but lacks the size to consistently play in-line as he often does here. He is a utility weapon comfortable in many roles. He utilizes his long wingspan, great height and athletic leaping ability to pluck most jump balls away from smaller defensive backs. Displays good concentration and body positioning shielding defenders in traffic and snagging the ball in stride while in midst of defenders. Flashes good hands, great over-the-head arm extension and consistently catches the ball away from his body. He is a raw route runner right now, particularly as a perimeter player. Is sharp on the underneath stuff, can stop and start quickly given his size, but builds speed and rounds off too many cuts. When in-line and working the seams he has a nice feel for locating voids in coverage and settling into open spots. Is a mismatch for linebackers and some safeties due to his athleticism, long arms and range to go up and get the ball. We are not sure Montgomery is fast enough to be a pure outside guy, but he certainly is as a slot and with further added bulk could become a fulltime jumbo H-type. Not equipped right now to handle one-one-one in-line matched-ups blocking in the run game. We really like this kid’s athleticism and versatility. Montgomery is developing, but has tools and could fill many roles. Good, under the radar prospect."

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