WBN Live Drive Blog: Kentucky Wildcats vs. #6 South Carolina Gamecocks


October 8, 2011; Columbia, SC, USA; Kentucky Wildcats wide receiver La

Good Evening Big Blue Nation! The weather is perfect at Commonwealth Stadium as Joker Phillips and your Kentucky Wildcats host Steve Spurrier and the South Carolina Gamecocks.

While we’re waiting for the end of the Clemson/BC Game on ESPN2, reports coming in from Commonwealth indicate that the stadium isn’t flush with Blue on the first home shot we’ve had at South Carolina since we defeated Spurrier and Co. in 2010.

As expected, we still plan to see Maxwell Smith starting at QB with Jalen Whitlow locked in as his back up. CoShik Williams is out so expect Raymond Sanders Jonathan George to tote the rock for the Cats today.

Kickoff is slated for 7:10 PM.

UK Wins the toss and defers to the Second Half. South Carolina to receive the Opening Kick Off.

First Quarter

And we’re under way as the Kick Off sails out of bounds and Connor Shaw starts their drive from their 20.

Ace Sanders with a run on First Down for minimal gain.
False start by Corey Robinson of SC. 2nd and 14.
Shaw incomplete to Ellington. 3rd and 14.
And Shaw with a long run but got crushed by Avery Williamson.
4th and 3 and SC punts.

Demarco Robinson runs the punt back 49 yards but it looks like an Illegal Block in the back on #49 for the Wildcats so it’s coming back.

Kentucky Ball

Smith in at QB with 13:16 left in the First.

Maxwell completes on First Down to Robinson.
And Smith is down. Jerado hit him and it was completely legal. Awkward landing on the tackle for Smith.
Whitlow warming up on the sideline while Smith is being tended to on the field.

Commercial Break because of the injury time out for Smith.

He was able to walk off the field so that’s encouraging.
Whitlow is coming on now. It’s 3rd and 8 for Whitlow who is sacked for a 4 yard loss.

Landon Foster punts to Ace Sanders who is immediately popped by Martevius Neloms after the 37 yard punt.

South Carolina Ball

Connor Shaw starts their second drive on his own 44. 1st and 10.

Shaw ahead to the UK 41 yard line.
Shaw rushing again but is stopped at the UK 38. 11:31 left in the 1st Quarter
Lattimore ahead to the 34 to set up 3rd and 2.
Shaw with the pump and Shaw ahead for 3 yards and the first down. 10:24 in the 1st.
Connor Shaw with a perfect throw to DL Moore in the End Zone who stretched out and dropped it. No UK player was close.
2nd and 10.
Shaw must be covered in vaseline because he broke tackles for a 4 yd gain.
After a completion to Ellington, it’s 1st and goal SC at the UK 7.
Lattimore pushes ahead for a couple.
3rd and goal and Lattimore bangs ahead to 3rd and inches.
Connor Shaw with the QB keeper and the Wildcats hold!
Spurrier appears content to go for it on 4th and Goal but calls a time out with 7:27 left in the 1st Quarter.
Both teams back on the field and SC is going for it.
Connor Shaw is stood up at the Goal Line and SC has turned it over on downs!
Tristan Johnson jumped under the Center to stop Shaw’s momentum.

Kentucky Ball

Jalen Whitlow from his own End Zone ahead for 2 on 1st down.
Whitlow completes McCaskill for a gain of 1. 3rd and 7.
Whitlow with the rush up to the 15 for a First Down Kentucky! 6:10 left in the 1st.
Hand off to Jonathan George who is met by Clowney in the backfield for a loss of 1. 2nd and 11.
And Whitlow with the scramble to avoid the sack but incomplete to McCaskill.
3rd and 11 and a draw to Sanders who goes ahead to the UK 38 for a 1st down.
Whitlow with the skip pass for no gain.
Whitlow complete to Robinson into SC territory.
1st and 10 at the SC 42.
Jonathan George on the draw to the SC 26 for the First Down!
George again on 1st game with 3:07 left for 9 more. 2nd and 1.
Warren with his first carry of the season for the 1st down.
1st and 10 on the SC 15. Sanders ahead for 5 BRUISING yards.
Flag on the play. Personal Foul Face Mask. 2:22 left and we have 1st and Goal on the 6.
Raymond Sanders with the rush and is met by 3-4 SC defenders for loss of 1.
Sanders again for no gain.
3rd and Goal.
Whitlow incomplete to LaRod King in the End Zone. Pass broken up by Jimmy Legree.
Craig Mcintosh with the 22 yard field goal to give Kentucky the 3-0 lead.

Whitlow seems comfortable reading the defense and with either staying in the pocket or taking off on busted plays. Definitely a great sign for the Kentucky Offense, especially if Maxwell Smith is out for any extended period of time.

UK-3 SC-0

Kentucky to Kick Off

Ellington back to receive and takes a knee 7 yards deep. A little over a 1 minute left in the 1st and SC will have 1st and 10 at their 20.

South Carolina Ball

Lattimore stuffed for a loss by Miles Simpson, among others, for no gain.
Shaw to Lattimore ahead for 4 yards. Some uncertainty if Lattimore caught it. 3rd and 6.

The First Quarter has come to a close and the officials may review the last play to determine if Lattimore caught the ball or trapped it. Slow Motion Replay seems to indicate it was trapped but they will have plenty of time to determine that. If it’s ruled an incompletion, SC will have the ball at 3rd and 10 instead of 3rd and 6.

Second Quarter

3rd and 6 and Shaw is sacked! 4th and 13 thanks to Dupree and Co.

South Carolina Punts to Robinson who calls for the fair catch.

Kentucky Wildcats Ball

1st and 10 on their 41 yard line with 14:20 left in the first half.

Whitlow in the Shotgun and runs for his life before being sacked by Reginald Bowens.
2nd and 23 and Whitlow out of the gun again. QB draw for no gain.
3rd and 23.
Whitlow from the gun again who hits King with the 1 hand catch for 4 yards and Kentucky will punt.

Foster with the punt out of bounds at the SC 36.

South Carolina Ball

1st and 10 from the SC 36

Shaw scrambles down the field to the SC 47 yard line for a 1st down.
Lattimore with the catch across midfield at the UK 47.
2nd and 4 with Shaw under Center and completes it to Lattimore at the 32 yd line for a 1st down.
Shaw drops back and scrambles and throws 37 yards to back up TE Anderson. 1st and Goal at the 4.
Handoff to Lattimore who falls ahead for 1. 2nd and Goal.
Shaw from the gun throws a TD to Ace Sanders.
Touchdown South Carolina. Extra point is successful by Adam Yates.

UK-3 SC-7

Demarcus Sweat receives the KO and runs up to the 34 yd line where Whitlow will set up shop at 1st and 10.

Kentucky Ball

Raymond Sanders ahead for maybe 1 with 9:00 left in the half. 2nd and 11.
Whitlow in the gun fires a bullet to Legree across midfield. Flag down.
Pass interference on #3 for SC. Pentalty declined.
1st and 10on the SC 48.
Whitlow hands off for a loss of 1.
WHitlow again from the gun and is sacked but Jeffrey took him down by the Face Mask so there’s a 15 yard penalty and another Kentucky First Down.
1st and 10 on the 39.
Whitlow with the 6 yard completion. 2nd and 4.
Pitch to Sanders who punishes ahead for 17 yards and another First Down Kentucky!
1st and 10 on the 12.
Whitlow incomplete to Robinson so we have 2nd and 10 at the SC 12.
Whitlow ahead for 4 yards, bringing up 3rd and 6.
big play here for Whitlow and he takes it in for the SCORE!
Touchdown Kentucky!

McIntosh for the extra point and Kentucky have regained the lead!

UK-10 SC-7

Kentucky to Kick Off

1st and 10 from the SC 25 after the return from Ellington.

South Carolina Ball
Personal Foul on the Wildcats so tack on another 15 to the end of the return.

1st and 10 from the SC 40
Shaw sacked down back at the 31 by Tristan Johnson for a 2nd and 17 SC.
Shaw to Bird for couple. 3rd and 15.
Shaw scrambling and has to throw it away.
4th and 15 and SC is going to punt.
Hall Punting to Robinson but SC backs up 5 yards on the False Start.

Kentucky’s Derek Blaylock blocks the punt and Kentucky recovers at the SC 34!

Kentucky Ball
Whitlow from the gun completes it to #23 for a first down at the 18.
George goes right for 2 so it’s 2nd and 8.
Whitlow pass is incomplete.
3rd and 8.
Whitlow getting the play and is back in the gun.
Whitlow pass is tipped by Jimmy Legree but caught by Collins for a First Down Kentucky!
1st and goal at the 10.
Touch Down Raymond Sanders! Touchdown Kentucky!
Kentucky Offensive line isn’t backing down from SC’s big horses and are opening holes all over. South Carolina is in shock. I can’t wait to hear what Spurrier has to say at the half.

McIntosh with the Extra Point pads Kentucky’s lead as it’s now 17-7!

UK-17 SC-7

McIntosh kicks off and it sails out of bounds.

1st and 10 for SC at their own 25.

South Carolina Ball

1:52 left and Shaw in the gun.
He goes ahead with the keeper to the 29. 2nd and 6.
Shaw completes ahead for 3 to make it 3rd and 3.

Kentucky calls their first time out.

South Carolina back out and Shaw again from the gun.
Shaw with the keeper and he slides about a yard short of the 1st down. Mental error by Shaw.
4th and 1. Time out is called. Possible review forthcoming to determine the spot.
Apparently no review as the spot remains.
Snap over the head of Shaw and Kentucky recovers at the SC 10!
Taylor Windham with the recovery and it’s 1st and goal for UK at the 10!

Kentucky Ball

Whitlow in the gun and UK with 1 TO.
Draw to Sanders who slides ahead for no gain.
2nd and Goal.
Kentucky with the Time Out after some questionable clock management.
Whitlow with a fade but caught out of bounds by LaRod King.
Clock stops with 17 second left and Kentucky with 3rd and Goal.
Whitlow is sacked, fumbles the ball but it’s recovered at the 1 by Robinson!
Time expires as the First Half is over.

End of First Half

Kentucky’s defense is playing beyond what maybe even they expected and the Offensive line is taking care of SC’s vaunted Defensive Ends.
They’ve given up 3 sacks but most people expected many more than that. Whitlow is playing with poise that is atypical of a true freshman starting his first game against a great team like South Carolina and Coach Steve Spurrier.

Here are some numbers of note:


South Carolina- Connor Shaw: 8/11-81, TD

Kentucky- Max Smith: 1/1-9
Jalen Whitlow: 8/13-71


South Carolina- Connor Shaw: 11-47
Marcus Lattimore: 5-12

Kentucky- Raymond Sanders: 11-54, TD
Jonathan George: 3-16
Jalen Whitlow: 4-25, TD (First Collegiate TD)


South Carolina- R. Anderson: 1-37
B. Ellington: 1-20

Kentucky- Demarco Robinson: 3-29
A. Legree: 2-25


South Carolina- 3 Sacks, 0 Int

Kentucky- 2 Sacks, 0 Int

A little commentary:

Kentucky fans can be nothing short of euphoric with how the Wildcats have played thus far. Until I say “Hot Seat” I bet no Kentucky fan has even thought about it for Joker Phillips and why should we? They’re playing the game of their lives so let’s give them all our support for the second half to put the Gamecocks away.

Neither team is reporting injuries other than Kentucky’s Starting QB Maxwell Smith.

The Second Half is coming up with UK receiving the KO and starting on offense.

Third Quarter

Hall KO to Sweat in the End Zone but gets stopped at the UK 12.

1st and 10 at the UK 12

Dakotah Tyler being worked on for Kentucky. No word yet on the injury.
And Tyler walking off the field with help. I will update as additonal information becomes available.

Whitlow under center. Pitch to Sanders ahead for 3 yards so it’s 2nd and 7.
Whitlow from the Gon rolls right and throw it away. King was the closest.
3rd and 7.
Whitlow to King for the First Down!
1st and 10 at the 29.
Sanders with the delay for only 1 yard. 2nd and 9 from the 30.
QB keeper for Whitlow who goes off RT for 5 setting up 3rd and 4.
Whitlow throws incomplete to King who felt he was interferred with. No flag. 4th and 4. Kentucky to punt.
Seems like their first 3 and out in a while.

Ace Sanders fields the punt at the 26 and Martavius Neloms plants him after a 3 yard return. 39 yard punt.

South Carolina Ball

1st and 10 at the SC 29 12:10

Lattimore ahead to the SC 40 for a 1st down.
1st and 10. Lattimore again but this time for 1 yard to the 41.
Steady dose of Lattimore is the new plan.
2nd and 9
Shaw to Sanders and is popped at the 45 by Cody Quinn.
3rd and 5.
Shaw under Center with Lattimore in the I.
Shaw the Keeper across midfield for a 14 yd gain.
1st and 10.
And Shaw with yet another pump fake that springs him for another big gain.
1st and 10 from the UK 30.
Shaw deep to Bird for a SC Touch Down at 9:34 in the 3rd.
Extra Point is good.

UK-17 SC-14

South Carolina set to Kick Off

Kentucky Ball

Sweat takes it at the goal line and goes right up to the 25 where it’ll be 1st and 10 UK. 9:27 left in the 3rd.

Pass complete to McCaskill for just a couple followed by a Whitlow sack.
3rd and 15.
Kentucky 50% on 3rd down but pass incomplete. SC’s Clowney appeared to be in the Neutral Zone but no flag. Kentucky to Punt.

Sanders calls for Fair Catch at the SC 43 after a 38 yard punt.

Update: Maxwell Smith is on crutches on the sideline and not dressed to go back in.

South Carolina Ball

1st and 10 at the 43.

Shaw throws to Sanders for 6 to make it 2nd and 4.
Lattimore ahead for a 3 to set up 3rd and 1. Kentucky needs a big stop here.
And no such luck as Lattimore cuts all the way down to the UK 40 for a 1st down.
Complete to TE Cunningham over the middle for 7.
2nd and 3.
Lattimore again with a carry and steam rolls his way down to the UK 28. 1st and 10.
Shaw scrambles away from the blitz for a 2 yard gain out of bounds.
2nd and 8.
Shaw completes to Ellington on the sideline. 1st and 10 on the 17.
And Kenny Miles with his first carry and takes it 17 yards for the South Carolina TD.
Extra point is good.

UK-17 SC-21

South Carolina to Kick Off and it sails out of bounds.

1st and 10 for Kentucky at the UK 20.

Kentucky Ball

Whitlow in the Gun with the keeper and is sacked by Clowney just short of the line of scrimmage.
2nd and 11. Whitlow completes to the TE Ronnie Shields for a 4 yard gain. 3rd and 7.
From the gun, Whitlow runs for the First Down to the UK 47 yard line! 1st and 10 from the 47.
Whitlow looked like he had no chance.
False Start by West so back it up 5 yards for 1st and 15.
Sanders met just as he crossed the LOS to make it 2nd and 14.
And down goes Whitlow by the arms of Devin Taylor. Huge loss of yardage.
3rd and 21.
Whitlow down again just across the LOS. 4th and 20 and Kentucky to punt.
Sanders receives the punt and is dropped immediately but Dupree.

South Carolina Ball

1st and 10 on the 19.

Lattimore off RT for a First Down and is caught by Rice.
1st and 10 at the SC 32.
Official adds 5 seconds back to the clock then restarts it. A little over a minute left in the 3rd.
And the give to Lattimore up the middle for maybe a gain of 1.
Shaw with the fake to Lattimore then goes off RT out of bounds for 3rd and short.
Lattimore ahead for the First Down.
End of Third Quarter.

Fourth Quarter
1st and 10 from their own 44.
Pitch to Lattimore ahead for 3. 2nd and 7.
Shaw under Center and hands off to Lattimore across midfield to the UK 30.
1st and 10 at the 30.
Kentucky’s D Line appears tired as the O-Line is opening up holes for Lattimore who rumbles ahead for 5.
2nd and 5.
Lattimore stopped that time for a 4 yard gain to set up 3rd and 1.
Spurrier calls a Time Out to figure out the 3rd and 1 play.
Kentucky’s D needs to hold up to force the 4th down. Play of the game coming up likely.
South Carolina with their “can’t fit through the door” package and Miles bowls ahead to the UK 20 for a 1st Down.
Out come the chains but it’s 1st and 10 at the 20.
Lattimore up the middle and driven back by Rumph for no gain.
2nd and 10 at the 20.
Shaw with the dump to Gilchrist and is close to a 1st Down.
Gilchrist looks like a refrigerator with legs.
3rd and 1 and Shaw ahead for the 1st and Goal at the 9.
Lattimore pushing the pile to the 3. 2nd and Goal.
Lattimore of LT for the South Carolina Touch Down.
He’s gaining confidence in his surgically repaired knee and showing why he will likely be a Heisman Finalist.

Extra Point is good.

UK-17 SC-28

Sweat and Sanders set to receive the South Carolina Kick Off.
Sweat fakes coming out of the End Zone and takes a knee instead.

Kentucky Ball

1st and 10 from the UK 20 with 9:17 in game.
Sanders takes the screen 29 yards to the 49 yard line.
Whitlow with the INT to Holloman.
Tough break for the Cats on Whitlow’s first turnover tonight.
South Carolina takes over at their own 32 after the Devonte Holloman pick.
1st and 10 on the.
Show complete for 3 so 2nd and 7 and the 29.
Shaw is stuffed by Dupree for the Sack. Loss on the play so 3rd and 14.
Shaw from the gun and hits Sanders to the 31. 4th and 10 and Spurrier considers his options.
Time Out South Carolina. At issue is the leg of their FG Kicker.
5 wide for SC with Shaw in the gun. QB draw and slipping tackles all the way down to the 24 yard line but short of the 1st down.
South Carolina turns it over on down.

Kentucky Ball

1st and 10 from the UK 24 with 6:37 left in the game.

Whitlow from the gun and down to the ground. Sacked for a 3 yard loss.
2nd and 13.
Clowney with more pressure and Whitlow throws his second INT off a deflection.
Kentucky turns the ball over on the second pick of the 4th.

South Carolina Ball

1st and 10 from the UK 12.

Shaw hands off to Lattimore who barrels 9 yards to put SC at 2nd and 1.
And the UK faithful are starting to leave.
Lattimore up the middle for another TD.
The D-Line is gassed. A steady dose of Marcus Lattimore will do that.
Extra Point is Good.

UK-17 SC-35

South Carolina to Kick Off to Sanders and Sweat.
Sweat from the Goal Line but stopped at the 13.

Kentucky Ball

1st and 10 from the 13 with 5:10 left in the game.

Whitlow from the gun and the handoff to Mobley for his first carry.
2nd and 9 and Whitlow incomplete to King.
3rd and 9 from the 14 and Whitlow sacked by Clowney. Loss of 4 yards, setting up 4th down and a UK punt.

And a terrible punt as SC will get the ball at 1st and 10 from the UK 22. Expect a lot more of Lattimore but don’t be surprised if Spurrier piles on with a couple shots at the End Zone.

South Carolina Ball

1st and 10 at the UK 22 with a little under 4 minutes left in the game.

SC with a 7 yard fush on 1st down.
2nd and 3 and SC with another rush. Now it’s 3rd and 1.
Shaw back to pass, scrambling and nearly picked off in the End Zone. 4th and 1 for SC and the Field Goal Unit comes in.
31 yard Field Goal is good. Spread is covered.

UK-17 SC-38

South Carolina to Kick Off to Sweat and Sanders.
Sanders with the knee in the End Zone.
Kentucky will have it 1st and 10 at their 20. 2:27 left in the game.

Kentucky Ball

Whitlow from the gun and the draw to Mobley for 7.
2nd and 3 before the False Start. Now it’s 2nd and 8.
Mobley running like he’s being chased by a hungry bear as he picks up the 1st Down.
1st and 10 at the UK 38.
Whitlow with the keeper, loses the ball but Kentucky recovered. He landed awkwardly but on his ankle but he appears ok.
2nd and 19 and the draw to Mobley for a decent gain but that’s the last play of the game.
Whitlow is limping around.

Well folks, that’s all she wrote as the South Carolina Defense clamps down in the second half and Lattimore finds that Heisman gear.

Final Score:

South Carolina: 38
Kentucky: 17

Be sure to come back a week from today as we Live Blog the Mississippi State game from Commonwealth Stadium.

From all of us here at the Wildcat Blue Nation, thank you and good night.