It’s unlikely Dez Wells can play in 2012-13, he has left Kentucky campus for other visits

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We are now right at 48 hours until Kentucky and Louisville face off on the football field and it’s official. Kentucky is the Rodney Dangerfield in this game. No respect. Check out this CBS “preview” of the game in which Kentucky is NOT EVEN MENTIONED in the first 13 paragraphs of the article. Repeat, Kentucky is not even mentioned in the first 13 paragraphs of a game preview. Seriously?

If you want to read a puff piece of Louisville, check out the “preview” and not that all eight CBS “experts” picked UL to win the game. Hell, after reading that tribute to Charlie Strong and the Cards, I may change my pick now. They really are the best. team. ever. In the issue of fair disclosure, 11 of 13 WBN experts picked Kentucky to win. Take that, CBS.

We all know that Maxwell Smith is firmly entrenched as the starting QB and that Morgan Newton is the backup. But who will be the third string QB? Will we see a return of the Wildcat offense? Will Jalen Whitlow play? Larry Vaught spoke with Joker Phillips about these questions and well, Joker is kind of keeping things mum:

"He says no matter whether Towles or Whitlow is No. 3, he will find a way to play him. “Why would you waste a kid’s redshirt year if you’re not going to play him. Again, we’ll make that decision in a couple weeks. You don’t want to get too deep into the season. But we are not going to go through this thing with two quarterbacks. Not going to do that. We all saw how that went last year. You can get caught, then late in the season you don’t want to use a guy’s redshirt year. So we’ll make that decision after a couple of games, which of those guys we decide to play,” Phillips said. But wouldn’t the easy decision be to make Whitlow the Wildcat quarterback — after all, he’s one of the better athletes on the team and can run and throw like a Wildcat QB must do — and redshirt Towles to give him that fifth year of eligibility? So will Whitlow be the Wildcat QB? “I don’t know. You’ll have to wait to see that. I told you we’d have one; I don’t need to tell you who it’ll be,” Phillips told me when I asked him at the Wildcat QB. “When we’ve got some different personnel coming in and out of the game, I want some of it to be a guessing game – for everybody, not just you guys but everybody.”"

And finally …. Kentucky plays Kent State next week, but the Golden Flashes have already played their first game and came really close to having one of the most embarrassing plays ever:

So many questions.  Why did the Towson State guys tackle him?  Why were the Kent Stat guys blocking for him?  Ahhhh …. football is back, people.