Nerlens Noel vows to break Anthony Davis’s block record

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In case you have not noticed, there is a ton of positivity surrounding Kentucky football (as there should be every preseason) and it seems like the Wildcats are embracing this underdog role. Center Matt Smith is one of those Wildcats that are embracing that role and running with it:

"Question: How do you cope with the talk about Louisville being a two-touchdown favorite and Big East favorite and very little talk about Kentucky? Smith: “They are a good team and obviously get a preseason ranking of 25, they are well respected. But we want to win every game that we can. It’s one of those things that we don’t listen to a whole lot of the talk that goes on outside our locker room. We just focus on ourselves and we have to prepare for what we can do in order to win. We hear a lot of the talk, but we try to stay out of it and keep it out of the locker room and just focus on us.” Question: Did you hear the talk that most people are not giving UK a chance to win? Smith: “You hear the talk, but at the same time I love being the underdog. The pressure is off of us. We have nothing to lose. We can just go out and play the game we know how to play and we are hoping to shock a lot of people this year.”"

Also on a side note, I mentioned here that Phil Steele had made a prediction that Kentucky would beat Louisville 21-20 in his newsletter. A couple of people have told me and I have not been able to physically confirm  that Steele sent out a retraction and said he did not know how that prediction got out and revised it to pick Louisville by five.

If that is true … dude, really? You don’t know how a prediction made it on a newsletter bearing YOUR name and that you are charging people for got out? My Suggestion would be to actually make the picks yourself and stop shuffling it off to an intern if you are charging people for info. Once again, if that story is true …

Mister Cobble is one of those Wildcats that hail from Louisville and this will be his first game back on his old stomping grounds. Cobble talks a bit about the rivalry with Larry Vaught.

"Question: How does your family/friends in Louisville handle the Kentucky-Louisville rivalry? Cobble: “It is a big deal back home. My mother since I was growing up was the only Kentucky fan. Every time growing up they had a game or rivalry, it would be her on the blue side and everybody else on the red side. My family may be Louisville fans, but they are my fans as well. They are going to be going out there and trying to support me and at the same time supporting their side. I can’t get mad at them for that.” Question: Does your mom like it now having other family members at least pulling for UK because of you? Cobble: “Yeah, she tries. But at the same time she just laughs at them every time the game even comes up. But it is going to be a good one.”"