Kentucky Wildcats–A View from Mt. Olympus


"“What (Calipari) has done here recently is kind of unrivaled. He’s put together this formula like Gatorade. Everybody’s drinking it. It’s amazing.”"

Perhaps no more succinct statement can be made to describe what’s going on here in Lexington as what Julius Randle’s coach, Scott Pospichal surmised.

After landing 4 straight top ranked recruiting classes in his first four years at Kentucky, and the 2013 class looking to solidify year 5 with UK being heavily favored to land 3 of the top 5 players, whatever Calipari is making here is stout and tastes oh so sweet.

Now, I don’t usually buy into the hype of anything but after three straight years of success, by most standards anyway, (Elite 8, Final Four, and National Champion) we can no longer call it hype. It has now become reality. It is truth. An expected reality if you will.

So when I was asked recently what my expectation is for 2013, I immediately questioned what is “realistic.” Yeah I’m a nerd, I know, but that’s all I could think about. So for my fellow nerds:

Webester’s defines realism as “Concern for fact or reality and rejection of the impractical and visionary.” Translation: Taking the facts and using those facts to reach a logical conclusion.

I’ve taken the liberty to redefine Webster’s definition of realism. The Big Blue Nation defines realism as being “Concerned only with hanging National Champion Banners and bringing about the reality of the impractical.” Translation: Win, Baby, Win”

My initial thought was a conservative Elite 8 finish for my Wildcats but let’s be realistic, the Elite 8 is not realistic. Yes you heard me right. Not realistic. You know what is realistic? Final. Four. Seems a bit of a stretch to some but by now it should be old hat to see UK in the spotlight because we don’t dwell with the mortals here on Earth. When there was chatter about building a new palace for UK to play, the only suitable place would have been Mt. Olympus. You know where Zeus and his pals live? UK and John Calipari are redefining realism in College Basketball and altering the landscape of the college.

A lot of people think UK, Calipari, and the BBN are elitist…and they would be right. We are the powerhouse of college basketball. Our Wildcats have more wins than anyone, more banners than every team not named UCLA, and our fans will travel literally anywhere to watch the beloved Wildcats.

Think about this, our 2016 Men’s Senior National Basketball team could be stocked with the talent that has come through UK in the past 4 years and the next 4 until Rio De Janiero. The ENTIRE team! I mean we have seen the likes of John Wall, Demarcus Cousins, Brandon Knight, Anthony Davis, MKG, Terrence Jones don the Blue and White. There are whispers that Nerlens Noel will be of that caliber as well.

So what do you expect to see in the 2013? Will Noel be cutting down the net along with Harrow, Goodwin, and the gang?

Who can stop us and who’s to say it can’t be done?

Not this guy.