Soon we will know the destination of 2013's Andrew Harrison, the top point guard in..."/> Soon we will know the destination of 2013's Andrew Harrison, the top point guard in..."/> Soon we will know the destination of 2013's Andrew Harrison, the top point guard in..."/>

Which point guard should Kentucky Wildcats recruit in 2014: Tyus Jones or Emmanuel Mudiay?


Soon we will know the destination of 2013’s Andrew Harrison, the top point guard in the 2013 class. But this is Point Guard U, so there have to be big things in the works for 2014 as well, right? Right. So far, Emmanuel Mudiay and Tyus Jones (above) are the top two point guards in the 2014 class and could be the top two players in the entire class should Andrew Wiggins reclassify.  And they both have Kentucky offers.  So who do you want to see as a Wildcat?  Let the debate begin.

Actually Ben Roberts from NextCats has started the debate and he has a tale of the tape of the two players along with some video so check it out and choose a side.

I know this is a Kentucky site, but you can not ignore the furor over the UNC program right now. The fact that there may be an academic scandal going back a decade has to trump everything else that is going on. Now that the Olympics are over, more and more mainstrean columnists are finally turning their attention to Chapel Hill. Gregg Doyel thinks that it is time for the banners to start coming down:

"Did the coaches know? Well, ask yourself this: Are we to believe that academic advisers were steering famous athletes to bogus classes behind the backs of the millionaire coaches who recruited, coached and needed those athletes to remain eligible?Answers are coming, but already we know this: The scandal spanned the decade from 2001-11. Know what happened that decade? The UNC men’s basketball team played in three Final Fours. It won national titles in 2005 and ’09.Did any players on those NCAA championship teams attend bogus classes? According to the News & Observer, almost 67 percent of the students in those 54 classes were athletes. Most played football, but the newspaper reported that UNC records showed “basketball players had also enrolled. In two of the classes, the sole enrollee was a basketball player.”See, this is so much worse than what happened at Florida State — and Florida State vacated two seasons of saintly Bobby Bowden’s victories, suffered scholarship restrictions and received four years of probation."

So what does this all mean for Kentucky and John Calipari?  Kentucky and North Carolina are pretty fierce recruiting rivals and the top players usually have both UK and UNC on their list.  Is the academic mess going to scare off potential recruits to UNC?  It may have already started.  This week, Austin Nichols cut the Tar Heels from his list.  How much of that was scandal related?:

"So what caused this swift change? College recruitments, by their nature, are fluid, fickle and fast-evolving. But that doesn’t begin to explain why a school that had put on the full-court press for Nichols, second only to its pursuit of Julius Randle, failed to earn at least a spot among Nichols’ final six. Nichols found a spot for SEC doormat Auburn, but couldn’t find one for UNC? Really?Nichols’ apparent change of heart over the last several weeks conveniently coincides with an outpouring of long overdue media coverage regarding the North Carolina academic scandal that embroiled the football program and may or may not have extended to the basketball program as well. Though this would hardly be enough evidence to stand in court, it’s certainly conceivable that Nichols’ feelings towards North Carolina soured as more information pertaining to the fallout at UNC became known."

We’ve seen more of the lighter side of Kentucky football lately and it appears that the Cats are really bonding off the field. Yesterday was “pool day” to take a break from the two a days, so check out some of the action.

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