Dime Magazine Q and A With Former Kentucky Wildcat Darius Miller


Yesterday afternoon, Dime Magazine’s Daniel Marks released an article including a question and answer session with former Kentucky Wildcat, current New Orleans Hornet Darius Miller.  You can find the entire article here.

Here is the some of the question and answer session with Darius Miller.

Dime Magazine asked Darius Miller to describe a typical day of pre-draft workouts and Miller responded by saying that:

"We went twice a day. We went at 9:00 and then at 2:00. We did a lot of on-court stuff for two hours at nine, then at two we did a lot of flexibility work and strength training off the court. We worked out Monday through Saturday, with Sundays off."

When Miller was asked about which part of his game had improved the most during pre-draft workouts he answered with:

"Probably ballhandling. I also improved my body a lot in terms of getting in better shape and toning my body up a little bit."

Dime Magazine followed up that question with a question about what made him appealing to NBA teams, to which Miller answered with:

"Probably my versatility and how much I really try to work at everything. I feel like I really got to show what I did at Kentucky and more than that, in terms of everything I am capable of doing on the court."

When asked about who the hardest player to guard was during his pre-draft workouts, Miller said that:

"I don’t know honestly, I’ve had a lot of great workouts. I’ve gone up against Moe Harkless, Draymond Green, Jeff Taylor, and a bunch of great players so I was always going up against guys that were talented."

Miller was asked about his favorite memory of the entire pre-draft process, and responded by saying:

"Probably being at the Combine. I got to spend a lot of time with my teammates who I hadn’t seen in awhile and I also got to interact with all the talented players from around the country. It was just a really good time for me."

A follow up question to that asked what Miller’s least favorite memory was from the pre-draft process and he said:

"Probably the airplanes and just how tight the space was but other than that I really enjoyed the whole thing and consider it an honor to be going through it."

Miller was asked that if he could change something about this process, would he.

"No, not really. I have a lot of teammates in the NBA and then Coach Cal and the staff here, and they all really prepared me well for everything I would have to do."

Dime Magazine asked Miller about what the best advice he received throughout the pre-draft process.

"The thing that I got from most of my teammates who had already made it and from the coaching staff at UK was to go into the workouts in great shape and go as hard as I can. They said those are the only two things I can really control and having a positive attitude, so that helped."

When Miller was asked about what advice he would give to players in future drafts, he had the same type of answer.

"I would probably give them the same advice. Make sure you are in great shape, take care of your body, because the process is long and it is a grind. Just enjoy the whole experience, it goes by kind of fast and it’s something you should be honored to be a part of."

There is more to the interview if you want to check it out at DimeMag.com, but be sure to stay tuned to Wildcat Blue Nation for all of your Kentucky Wildcats sports news!