Interview with Logan Darnell, former Kentucky Baseball player


Logan Darnell, a former pitcher for the Kentucky Wildcats baseball team, recently spoke with Wildcat Blue Nation.  Darnell is currently pitching for New Brittain Rock Cats, the AA affiliate of the Minnesota Twins.

Daniel Solzman: Thanks for joining Wildcat Blue Nation today. How are things treating you in New Britain?

Logan Darnell:  Things are good in New Britain.  We are of to a good start, with a good group of guys so I’m excited to see if we can make a playoff push.

Daniel Solzman:  What went through your mind during draft week in 2010 and when did you know that the Minnesota Twins were interested?

Logan Darnell:  The draft was a exciting day for me.  I spent it at home with my family and a couple of my friends.  I knew a couple teams were interested but didn’t know when or which one of those teams it would be til moments before.  I was happy to be drafted my a organization like the Twins!

Daniel Solzman:  You grew up in the Nashville area.  Were you a Vandy fan growing up?

Logan Darnell:  I grew up 15 minutes from Vanderbilt and my mom, when I was in high school, worked in a building right next to their baseball field.  But I wasn’t a big Vandy fan growing up.  It was just the closest school to my house.

Daniel Solzman:  How did Kentucky coach Gary Henderson prepare you for the next level and what teachings stick with you today?

Logan Darnell:  Coach Henderson helped me a lot.  I still find myself thinking and doing a lot of the stuff he taught me and doing during a game.  Using the stuff he taught has definitely had an impact on my success in pro ball.

Daniel Solzman:  What’s a day in the life like during the typical season?

Logan Darnell:  A typical season is 142 games with only 6 or so off days.  With games every night.  Its a lot like college in the fact you get close to a group of guys but the difference is the roster is subject to change, whether you get released or moved.  It’s more of a grind than anything!

Daniel Solzman:  The New Britain pitching staff features another UK alumnus in Andrew Albers.  Do you two often talk about your playing days at Kentucky or even this season’s team?

Logan Darnell:  Yuh, me and Albers are good friends.  We live together and are in the rotation here together!  We would listen to the BatCats during their season when we weren’t playing and keep up with them.  It’s a lot of fun to listen to how much success they were having!  But yea, it’s great to play with Albers again!

Daniel Solzman:  Has New Britain pitching coach Stu Cliburn helped with your mechanics this season?

Logan Darnell:  Stu Cliburn is a great coach and has a lot of coaching time.  He keeps the mood in the clubhouse good and relaxed.  He’s really just talked to me about being consistent and knowing what pitch to throw when!  It’s all about growing up and learning the game.

Daniel Solzman:  Did you get to do anything exciting over the offseason?

Logan Darnell:  In the offseason, I’ll just relax at home with the parents.  Maybe go camping with some friends.  But mostly relax and spend time with people I don’t see in season.  I’ll go up to Lexington and see some games, I’m sure

Daniel Solzman:  Thanks again for joining us.  Any final words for Wildcat Blue Nation?

Logan Darnell:  Thanks for talking to me!