Coach Joker Phillips is

Coach Joker Phillips is

You Can Act Like a Man: WBN 4 PM Headlines


Coach Joker Phillips is trying anything and everything to get his guys motivated for the game on Saturday against LSU. He has resulted to use some psychology methods to light a fire under their you know whats.

Basically Joker is calling out their manhood. He says that all the players are wanting the coaches to “treat them like a man” and Joker’s response was “Treat yourself like a man. When you drop a pass or when you miss an assignment it ought to be embarrassing. It is to me as a coach.”

There is an old saying that goes “you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”; I think Joker is done using honey. It’s time to tell it like it is. Football is a man’s game and LSU is a man’s team. Time to act like men.


-Andy Katz is reporting that Louisville might not be going to the Big 12 after all. We have been covering the melt down sagas of Rick Pitino as he whines and moans about how great the Big East is and how much he misses coaching at UK. It appears that Tom Jurich is going to stick by the guy that publicly humiliated his university during the Karen Sypher trial. Couple things here: The Big East is going to fall off the map in football completely and the basketball league will take a huge hit; Charlie Strong will not stick around much longer if the Cards stay in the Big East; Pitino may retire if they move to the Big 12. The Cards are dysfunctional right now, as they always seem to be. How are UofL fans reacting to Pitino, his temper tantrum and his sabotaging their conference realignment? Read here. The language made me blush.

-John Calipari has taken a break from hanging out with and passing out pizza to the campers at Big Blue Madness. He is in Rutgers University at a coaches clinic with Bill Self, Jeff Van Gundy and Larry Brown along with others. I am convinced Cal has clones like Michael Keaton in the movie Multiplicity.

-John Clay reports that the Kentucky coaches are still frustrated with the lack of an offensive break out this year. O-coordinator Randy Sanders said, “We’re still searching”. Well Randy, you better hire a private detective or something ASAP because by the looks of it you aren’t going to find anything anytime soon.

Les Miles isn’t taking Kentucky lightly. No, really. I’m serious. He is reminding his players that in 2007, LSU was #1 in the country and Kentucky beat them in triple overtime. His players are responding well to the coaches warning and are insisting that they aren’t looking past the Wildcats. Thanks guys, but if it’s all the same, please look past us. Pretty please?

That does it for me. It’s Friday, go get your drink on and get your swag rollin’. Follow me @Catsfanboogie on Twitter to read my comments as the LSU game proceeds tomorrow.

Go Cats.

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