My hate for LSU began a while back. In..."/>
My hate for LSU began a while back. In..."/>

What I Hate About You: LSU


My hate for LSU began a while back. In fact back in 2007 when Kentucky upset number one LSU when they came into Commonwealth Stadium, I began hating LSU or at least their fans when during the playing of “My Old Kentucky Home” those idiots began chanting “LSU, LSU, LSU” I guess it was cute to them except when…You know…We beat them when they were number one. Regardless, this year Kentucky must travel to Death Valley for a noon kick-off against the Bayou Bengals and Mike the Tiger. So let’s hop into it…What I hate about you…Louisiana State University.

First a few tidbits:

Baton Rouge is just down the road from New Orleans; New Orleans smells like a sewage plant, Baton Rouge smells like a dump.

Mike the Tiger is a jerk, when I was on the campus of LSU during spring break he never did anything cool besides pace his cage, screw him.

LSU may have the rudest fan base ever. My seats in Commonwealth often draw the other team’s fans. It’s a consensus that LSU fans are the worst. They don’t deserve a good football team.

Okay…Now that’s out of the way…..

Let’s get started by talking about how much I hate LSU’s campus…Oh…My…God. I’m sure some of you have played Left for Dead, the popular zombie video game. Or maybe you’ve seen some sort of zombie movie. Well, LSU’s campus literally looks like a scene out of one of those video games, straight from it. You’re walking around; minding your own business but you feel like a zombie could come rushing out of the bushes or one of their rickety old buildings at any time. That’s why I opened with a picture of the campus, because let’s face it. If you can’t picture yourself running from a zombie in that picture you have no imagination.

How about something else I hate about LSU? Les Miles. I hate the way he looks, his smugness and quite frankly he has the worst clock management skills in a late game situation that I’ve ever seen, and honestly some of the worst play calling as well. If you’ll recall back in 2007 when UK upset LSU, what happened? LSU had the ball in the red zone so what does Les Miles do? How about run it up the middle three times. He’s frustrating to watch if you somehow may be cheering for LSU, like I was when they played Tennessee last year and Les Miles almost screwed that one up as well.

Finally, how can this be LSU hate by not mentioning the LSU player’s smart decision by representing themselves and their university by going out and having a bar room brawl where the investigations are still ongoing. They may have a good football team, but the good thing is only a few of them has any brains to begin with.

So if you are heading down to Baton Rouge to watch the game, be sure to put up a wall of protection, literally and figuratively because you their fans are nothing but a bunch of bumpkins who waddle around in LSU sweat pants and sweat shirts and ride their high horse of a good (decent) football program.

And pray for an upset…

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