The Armageddon fallout from the Florida loss is still being felt around Kentucky. I can s..."/> The Armageddon fallout from the Florida loss is still being felt around Kentucky. I can s..."/>

WBN College Football Weekend Wrap Up


The Armageddon fallout from the Florida loss is still being felt around Kentucky. I can see some justification for it, but we have been losing to Florida for 25 straight years, so nothing new happened. But the fan expectations have been raised due to recent success and five straight bowl games. We are supposed to be better than a 41-10 loss to Florida. At least that’s what we were told.

This is going to be a really tough week for Joker Phillips for a couple of reasons:

  • People are already calling for Morgan Newton to be benched in favor of Maxwell Smith. There is a quarterback controversy in the minds of the fans but not the team.
  • His Wildcats are injured in multiple positions, including Martavius Neloms, Josh Clemons and Collins Ukwu. Ukwu is the Cats best past rusher and he is out 2-3 more weeks after missing Saturday.
  • His coaching staff seems to be at a loss. Randy Sanders stated his confusion about how bad the offense is and has no answers while Rick Minter publicly stated that Kentucky is a bad football team.
  • The Cats are ranked 96th in the country and dead last in the SEC.
  • The stadium attendance was down again and will be down even more in 3 weeks when Jacksonville State comes to town.
  • Calls for his job are becoming louder by the minute despite the fact that he secured some more verbal commitments over the weekend, raising the verbal commitments to 23 on the team so far. Recruiting doesn’t turn heads in the middle of a season.

Joker is going to have to answer even more questions about the disturbing trend the offense is showing with the mind boggling turnovers, the awful penalties and the continued dropped passes. This is a sloppy offensive football team.

LSU is opening as a 27.5 point favorite over Kentucky for the game on Saturday at Noon. With the talent gap that Florida had over Kentucky, I cringe at the talent gap that will be in display in Baton Rouge. Any positive feelings I had about this football team are in danger of being crushed Saturday. Is it too much to ask that the Wildcats compete with the elite of the SEC?

Paul was right. Joker needs some serious magic to get this football season back on track. 2-3 in the SEC is almost a season killer. It’s still early but the clouds are gathering.

SEC’s Elite turn out to be Nation’s Elite

I don’t think there is any argument that LSU and Alabama had the most impressive victories over the weekend. Both teams completely demolished two ranked teams. Alabama shut down one of the best passing games in the country and LSU went on the road to a hostile environment and beat the best team the Big East has to offer by double digits.

LSU vaulted to #1 in the country, leapfrogging an Oklahoma team that struggled to be un- ranked Missouri at home. The Sooners drop to #2 and the Crimson Tide stayed at #3. I can make a case that Alabama and Oklahoma should swap positions.

Anybody that was hoping that the SEC would not win it’s sixth straight BCS Championship should be pretty bummed right about now. I don’t see any team in the country coming close to beating LSU or Alabama. You might as well call the meeting between these two schools on November 5th at Tuscalossa the national championship game.

Florida State lost for a second week in a row at Clemson, a place they haven’t won in what seems like forever. You can now officially call them overrated.

Boise State continues playing crap teams. Georgia was that only team of any substance that they played and the Bulldogs are not very good. Put the Broncos up against the Tigers or the Tide and a blood bath will occur. People have been clamoring to put Boise in the National Championship game. I say let’s do it and then after they get smacked those people will be quiet.

Top 10

Here is your AP top 10:

1. LSU

2. Oklahoma

3. Alabama

4. Boise State

5. Oklahoma State

6. Stanford

7. Wisconsin

8. Nebraska

9. Oregon

10. South Carolina

If you are keeping conference count that is 3 for the SEC, 2 for the Big 12, 2 for the Pac 10, 2 for the Big 10 and 1 for whatever the hell conference Boise State is in. The other BCS conferences, Big East and ACC, have 0 representatives because they are horrible.


I was 2-2 on this weeks picks. Texas A&M lost by 1 point at home and the Bills came back to shock the world by beating the Patriots. I am now 10-5 on the season, keeping my head above water.

On a quick NFL Note: What bizarro universe are we in that BOTH the Lions and the Bills are two of the only three 3-0 teams left in the NFL? Good for them.

The Week to Come

Kentucky is at LSU and I will cover that on Thursday. Ugh.

The Dirty Birds will be back in action facing Marshall at home. Don’t let their fans fool you, they are still awful.

We will see what Florida really has to offer as they travel to Alabama. I don’t think they will rush for 405 yards on the Crimson Tide’s #2 ranked defense. I think the Gators are going to be in for a long day.

Obligatory Notre Dame Mention: Hooray! The Irish are back at 2-2 beating the Pitt Panthers despite the horrendous showing by QB Tommy Rees. They now have a shot to be over .500 by taking on the Boilermakers of Purdue. I would bet on this happening.

Have a nice day. Keep the Faith. Go Cats.

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