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Motivation, Cal on the recruiting trail and Terrence Jones is First Team: WBN 4PM Headlines


I know this picture has been posted multiple times on this website for the past couple of days. But as of now this is the most success that Kentucky has had against Florida in recent memory. Taylor Wyndham did to Tim Tebow what the rest of the college football world wanted to do to St. Tim.

I hope the Kentucky football players read this post and get some motivation from it because they will need all they can get. Right now the Cats are a 19.5 point underdogs to Florida and the only guy putting Florida on upset alert is Desmond Howard. When college football analyst/Bachelor Contestant/Douche Bag Jessie Palmer was asked what Kentucky had to do to beat the Gators he simply just talked about how awesome they are and did not once mention the Cats or how they could pull the upset.

In short, nobody on God’s green earth besides our very own UK football expert Kyle is picking Kentucky. Kudos to you Kyle. I hope you can laugh at all of us on Saturday at 11 PM, Kyle.

Florida has a murderers row schedule after Kentucky, including a trip to Alabama next Saturday, so let’s hear it for a let down week as Florida looks past the Cats towards the Tide.


-BIG UPS to our boy Terrence Jones for being named to the first team Blue Ribbon All American squad. He is joined by Jared Sullinger, Harrison Barnes, Kris Joseph and Jordan Taylor. That’s a damn fine list and Jones has a chance to be the best of the bunch. I know Calipari said that Doron Lamb is the best player on the team but I think that was all motivation. TJ will be the engine that makes this team work.

-BIG UPS II to Anthony Davis for making the fourth team Blue Ribbon All American Squad. Davis is the only freshman on all four teams along with Andre Drummond.

-If you don’t want to get depressed about the Wildcat football offense then DO NOT READ this article from the Courier Journal. There are portions that try to put a positive spin on things but it just doesn’t work. I’m not sure how guys that have been in the system for a few years still don’t know it. I know they may not have started but they were at practice, right?

-Obligatory Louisville Bashing Section: Louisville fans are freaking out because no conference wants them. There are now rumors that the Big 12 may extend an invitation to the Cards to join the conference. I hope they join and enjoy getting their asses handed to them by Texas and Oklahoma every year and never reach a bowl again. Plus I would like to see Rick Pitino blow a blood vessel if they leave the Big East.

-In case you didn’t know, John Calipari was in Chi-Town checking out 2013 prospect Jabari Parker. If Cal is visiting this kid in person, then he must be good. He is ranked #1 in his class. He is 6-7 and likes being compared to Oscar Robinson. I like a kid reaching back in time to talk about some of greats and not compare himself to Kobe, LeBron or Chris Paul. Plus this kid is near and dear to my heart because my wife is from Chicago. Watch him do work. It’s impressive.

That’s all for now. Keep checking back this weekend for more Florida updates, John Calipari updates, recruit updates, my wardrobe updates and any other UK updates we have.

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I leave you with the Tebow getting knocked out video. Enjoy Big Blue Nation.

Author’s Note: I’m not celebrating the fact that Tebow got hurt. I’m celebrating the awesome hit by Taylor Wyndham. Tebow ended up being fine and now is the most popular third string quarter back in the history of the National Football League. Don’t be so sensitive.

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