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Is Archie Goodwin the gateway for other 2012 Kentucky Wildcat basketball recruits?


In case you missed it (if that is possible), Archie Goodwin become the first official commitment for John Calipari’s 2012 recruiting class.   Goodwin’s commitment was especially important for Kentucky because Kentucky now has a brand new backcourt for 2012 in case Marquis Teague and Doron Lamb depart for the NBA after next season.  Goodwin joins transfer Ryan Harrow as the new Wildcats for 2012 although technically Harrow is not considered a commitment since he is a transfer.  For all intent and purposes, I consider Harrow a 2012 recruit also.

Here is why this is important.  The 2012 class is lean on guards and heavy on forwards and centers.  Only eight of the top thirty players on Rivals are guards.  Goodwin is a very solid addition as he was the number two shooting guard in the class and the twelfth best player over all.  The class is especially lean in the PG position as there are only four PG’s listed in the top forty overall.  By comparison, Ryan Harrow was the 19th best player in the 2010 class and you would think that he would maintain that level after a year of practicing  in Calipari’s system having to sit out this year.  So in effect, Kentucky has two top 20 guards joining the team in 2012.  For a class this thin in backcourt players, this is a monster recruiting job.

So what is next?  If you listen to the tweets and internet chat going on, Archie Goodwin seems to have taken on the role as chief recruiter for the 2012 class.  Almost immediately after he committed, 2013’s Chris Walker sent out a congratulary tweet:

And Goodwin’s decision caught the attention of fellow 2012 recruits as well.  Gary Harris, the #10 guard in the class and Torian Graham (#39 overall) both contacted Goodwin almost immediately and mused on the possibility of playing  ball at Kentucky together.  Never mind the fact that all three guys play the same position.  The news is out there that Kentucky recruits talent, regardless of position.  We submit John Wall and Eric Bledsoe as proof.

Goodwin and Shabazz Muhammad have also talked about playing together in college, although not since Goodwins commitment.  But it’s fair to say that Goodwin has a pretty good pulse on the recruits still available and that he wants to bring them all to Kentucky:

“It’s one of those things, like why not take the opportunity once you get it? There’s plenty of guys I’d love to play with. DaJuan Coleman, Shabazz Muhammad would be great. So would Kaleb Tarcewski.  All those guys are great. No matter who it will be, I’m going to be surrounded by great players. We’ll bond and get to know each other.”

And what is Goodwin’s approach to his new found role as chief recruiter?

“I told them let’s do it.  I’m not that guy who’s gonna pressure anyone so I let them reach out to me first, but when they do I definitely try and get them to join me. I want to play with the best because I think it’s the best way to win. And I definitely plan to win.”

With that enthusiasm, its hard to tell who will be working the recruits more at Big Blue Madness on October 14:  Goodwin or John Calipari.

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