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Kentucky Wildcats Thursday Morning News: Archie Edition


Good Morning WildcatBlueNation and welcome to the Archie Edition of the Thursday Morning News.

No, not that Archie. However, I am formally submitting  Archie Bunker as the either the next head of the Big 12 or the NCAA. Whichever position becomes available first. And at this point, who knows. Maybe the ball has stopped rolling, maybe not. But for the most part, we have more volatility going on now than ever before, and there does not appear to be any signs of stopping, save the Pac-12’s statement that they were all done. Of course the SEC said that just before Texas A&M jumped ship, so we all know how much weight those statements hold. So, sit back kiddies, tighten your belts, and adjust your tray tables to their upright positions because things are going to get even bumpier from here. And now, without further adieu, on with today’s morning news.

First: Coach Cal has some comments on the teams first practices and where everyone is in his mind. Cal is usually playing things close to the vest, so take his public statements at this point for what they are worth. Trust me, he is already working to get the guys in line for the coming onslaught. This schedule for this year which is now available at www.ukathletics.com is ready to crush the kittens if they are not up to the task.

Second: Our Archie, the Goodwin one, newest Wildcat and a member of the Twitterverse’e Avant Garde, has just become Coach Cal’s best recruiter, trying to bring the rest of another top rated class into the fold.Gary Harris, Torian Graham and others are hearing from Goodwin. Looks like we have another John Wall type of team player on our hands……whatever will we do with him??

Third: IF you live in Kentucky, especially the Western portion of the state, you already know about WBGN and the Sports Guys. What you may not know is that they had our very own Kyle on there yesterday discussing his favorite subject, UK Football. Now while Kyle and I do not agree on everything about the Football Cats, he is still one of the brightest young minds around when it comes to covering Wildcat Football and what is going on with recruiting and weekly coverage. WBGN broadcasts on the net, so you have no excuse not to check them out. Ken Howlett, a part time contributor here, also at Coachcal.com , and the editor over at ASOB, is part of that show’s lineup. Trust me, it’s well worth spending an hour or two.

Fourth: As we mentioned above, Dan Beebe, current Big 12 Commissioner, is close to being out at his spot heading up the Big 12. I cannot remember in recent times, any league commissioner having to deal with as many problems and defections as Beebe has.

Fifth: Matt Norlander over at CBS is not happy with Texas and blames them for this whole realignment mess. I wish it were that simple Matt, but I do wonder this? If Texas is the school that got everything rolling, with their New York Yankee mentality when it comes to media rights and revenues, why are they still in the Big 12? Why not just become and independent and rule their own world? George Steinbrenner was not a Texas Alum was he?

A few bonus notes this morning. East Carolina has applied to join the Big East. Not where I think they should have gone, but probably a good fit for them. We all know by now that Perry Ellis is going to be a Jayhawk, and I guess he was leaning that way all along. So who falls next for the Cats? I am not completely sure on that one, but I am betting that it happens sooner than later. So enjoy your Thursday. take in a little sun, and remember that basketball is getting much, much closer. It will help ease the pain of the rest of the football season.

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