What the ****? What the **** happened?! What kind of ****** **** ..."/>

What the ****? What the **** happened?! What kind of ****** **** ..."/>



What the ****? What the **** happened?! What kind of ****** **** did we have to pull to lose to THAT ******* team? Are you ******* serious? We have waxed their feathered ***** for the last four years and this is how it ends? We throw in the playbook towel in the second ******* quarter and run the draw on a 3rd and long-as-hell with our backs to our ******* goal line?

Whew, glad I got that out. The reason for all the deleted expletives is after the game that was all I could say. I literally could not get one sentence out about UK football without spitting out some word that my mother would not be proud of me saying. Everyone over the weekend has gotten their complaints out and they are all valid, mostly. But the fact is we just lost to a team that lost by a similar margin last weekend to a team whose highest competition is, beside Louisville, is Duke. Duke. The ACC whipping post who is trying their hardest to look like the Colts.
Knowing how to fix the problem is easy to claim to know but much harder to actually get to. If you had told someone that the Cats would have knocked out a starting QB, only to get worked over by Teddy Bridgewater. But looking at the stats, Bridgewater only completed 57% of his passes and only threw for 120 yards. But his passing wasn’t the issue. It seems that regardless of the defense or the coordinator, a QB that can run faster than Andre’ Woodson will gash our defense like a Rick Minter death glare. If a quarterback can run around his tackle and pick up 10-15 yards every time, the defense will not get off the field and we will never stand a chance in any game.
I’m not getting into the issues with the line, injuries happen and it’s very hard to transition to new players that you don’t know. As a former lineman, I can tell you it is very hard to work with a certain group of people and learn their tendencies and strengths and then simply switch a component; but that is hardly an excuse for the blocking I saw on Saturday. Despite my defense of the big uglies up front, it is unacceptable to allow blitzers into inside gaps on passing plays and allowing the kind of penetration I saw on run plays. During Joker’s press conference today he stated that there was a serious lack of execution in the game plan and they as coaches must figure out how to ensure the execution is better, either by better coaching or simplifying the game plan.
I will say this one time as clearly as possible: For the love of God, don’t simplify the game plan; I can’t handle much more than run, pass, run, pass, run, pass (actual play calling on the first drive).
Remember a couple of years ago when Florida had three blocked punts against us? Yeah, that might happen again. A new special team (Joker, please stop with the Special Forces thing) coordinator has led to better play out of the unit, but getting caught off guard on our own 15 yard line is something that can’t happen; that’s when people are most likely to try for a punt block. Not that it was that devastating when we did get a punt off, at no point did UofL start a meaningful drive from inside their 20 (the two they did start were at the ends of both half’s). I don’t know what Ryan Tydlacka saw when he lined up for a punt, but the inability to pin opponents deep will be a very serious problem if it continues the rest of the season.
Fact is, this game is long over and there is not much we can do about it until next year. The conference schedule will be a brutal march and one week does not make a season, rivalry games always create interesting scenarios and it just so happened this time it was the Cats who came in heavily favored and very complacent with that. We got surprised and now we have to regroup for what will be a very hard stretch coming up.

I’ll keep my ******* expletive deleting key ready.

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