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LeBron James is an Honorary Wildcat: WBN 4 PM Headlines


As we all of heard, LeBron was at the University of Kentucky yesterday scrimmaging with the Wildcats. Through a series of Tweets King James announced to the public that he was balling with none other than DeMarcus Cousins as well as Eric Bledsoe. ‘Bron ‘Bron aslo let people know through his Twitter that he was riding around Lexington and loved seeing the Wildcat love everywhere he looked.

No matter what you think about LeBron, this is good for Kentucky. He is the most recognizable name in the NBA worldwide and he is considered by most as the best player. Young high school recruits idolize him and have his posters on their walls.

I would like to take this opportunity to make LeBron an official honorary Wildcat. Thanks for the exposure, bro.

Oh, and he and Jarrod Polson traded digits. That’s pretty awesome.


-Coach John Calipari visited Shabazz Muhammad last night. Here is how I think the conversation went:

Cal: Thanks for letting me spend some time with you Shabazz. How are things going?

SM: Great coach. I am honored to have you here.

Cal: You bet. You are an awesome player and we would love for you to be a Wildcat.

SM: That sounds great but I have some decisions to make.

Cal: Are you a LeBron James fan?

SM: I sure am, coach.

Cal: My team is practicing with him right now.

SM: Are you serious?

Cal: As a heart attack.

SM: Oh my goodness. Kentucky is the greatest program on earth.

Cal: See you at Big Blue Madness, player. (Throws deuces as he gets up and walks out the door)

-Let’s get back to football. The Cats are a 6 point favorite in the game against the awful Cardinals on Saturday. The original line for the game was 8. The drop is due to UK’s sub par play thus far but I am not sure Louisville losing to FIU justifies a two point difference. I am not a betting man but I would take that action.

-Starting center Matt Smith is set to play on Saturday. He will not start, Jake Lafenski will still have that honor, but Joker Phillips told the media to expect to see Smith come in the game. He started all 13 games at center last season. I am already feeling better about this game. Read about it here.

-UK wide out Bryan Adams is expected to start on Saturday. The guy that everyone describes as a freak athlete could be a nightmare match up for Louisville’s corners.

-Coach Calipari isn’t done visiting recruits. He plans on visiting 6-8 forward Perry Ellis on Friday. Cal will be the last coach to do an in home visit with the young man. Cal and company spent a great deal of time watching Ellis play this summer. He is high on the list of guys to get.

-Will Stein is not an oompa loompa. He just looks like one.

-Coach Cal may not coach the Dominican Republic again. I am totally fine with that. I’d rather see him spend 100% of his time with the Cats. Read about it at A Sea of Blue. What, coach Cal has a family?

-Boise State was put on probation because of numerous violations in football and women’s tennis. Seriously. Women’s tennis. Boise State will have 3 less scholarships to give out in football through 2013-2014 and will be allowed less contacts to recruits. If I hear from one more person about how Boise State is doing it right and they are everything right about college football I will punch them in the face. Read the story here. Where is the media uproar?

-If you couldn’t tell I hate Boise State.

That’s all for now. Check back for awesome articles and more rivalry fun!

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