It was an amazing weekend to watch college..."/>

It was an amazing weekend to watch college..."/>

WBN's College Football Weekend Wrap Up


It was an amazing weekend to watch college football. Here is a quick take on the UK game from my point of view and then I will wrap it up with some final thoughts on a few other games.

Don’t Say I didn’t Tell You

Josh Clemons was the star of the game as I stated he would be on Thursday and in the Podcast. The Cats didn’t come away with the 33-9 win I predicted, but I was darn close. The offense stumbled and bumbled in the first half and the defense finally woke up after CMU scored in it’s first three series.

The offense was still trying to figure out whether or not they wanted to pass or run. Matt Roark dropped a beautiful pass thrown in the end zone. Big Blue Nation collectively slapped their foreheads as we recalled the drops against Western Kentucky. The team went into half time down 13-3 and all was gloom all over the Blue Grass.’

I kept thinking to myself, “Put Clemons in the game and just run him.” And that’s what happened. He broke a huge run and scored the Cat’s first touchdown of the game. All of a sudden there was energy back in Commonwealth Stadium. He ended the day with 126 yards and 1 touchdown. He now has a touchdown in both games the Cats have played this season.

The run by Clemons seemed to give the previously ineffective Raymond Sanders some motivation as he started running the ball with a little more passion. I think he was seeing his job slip through his fingers.

The offensive line also developed a rythm and started knocking the CMU defenders off of the ball. Morgan Newton saw some open lanes and started taking advantage of them as well as finally showing his athleticism. He ran for 43 yards and for one touchdown. He also threw for 114 yards and one touchdown. He had a total of 147 yards a two touchdowns. He may have just figured out that he can be a duel threat quarterback in Division 1 and he can be darn good at it too.

The defense looked awesome yet again after a bit of a sluggish start. The players are still learning Minter’s system and some hiccups are expected. Danny Trevathan was all world yet again with an interception and double digit tackles. Collins Ukwu was a welcome addition to the party. The Defensive end was in on a number of tackles and his name was called quite frequently. His pass rush will be something vital to the success of the Cats in the SEC.

The game was a tale of two halves and you have to like the progress the Cats made. Something finally clicked in the offense and it all started with Clemons. With the running games of Clemons and Sanders, a healthy offensive line and the duel threat of Morgan Newton finally coming of age, I think the Cats should win decisively over Louisville next Saturday. Let’s hope they work on these things in practice this week.

The Louisville Cardinals are Bums

Yeah, you heard me. I’m starting the trash talking early. Louisville became the first big time FBS team that anybody out of the Sun Belt has beaten. The Golden Panthers of FIU gave Louisville fits with one guy, TY Hilton. I’m not sure how the greatest defensive mind in the history of college football failed to coach his players to cover one guy. Oh well.

The Cards had trouble blocking a mediocre FIU defense. Imagine what Trevathan, Ukwu, Rumph and Guy are going to do to the Ville. Louisville quarterback Will Stein actually had a decent game but the Louisville fans are still howling for Strong to start Freshman QB Teddy Bridgewater.

Let me take this opportunity to address the Cardinal coaching staff: Please start a true freshman at quarterback next Saturday. Bridgewater has looked utterly terrible in the two series he has played thus far. I beg you, start him. Thanks, James and the Big Blue Nation.

Instant Classics

Auburn vs. Mississippi State, Georgia vs. South Carolina and Michigan vs. Notre Dame were all instant classics. All three games went down to the wire and were emotional roller coasters.

Notre Dame is my second favorite college team after Kentucky. The loss they experienced on Saturday night under the lights of the Big House was as gut wrenching as I can remember a loss ever being. Thankfully there are a lot of games left.

You can tell there is going to be some parity this season. The only teams that I can say that have been completely dominant the first two weeks are LSU, Alabama and Wisconsin. Traditional powerhouses like Ohio State, Virginia Tech and Texas have all struggled. If you were to ask me who the national champ will be after two weeks, I am going to have to say LSU.


I went 5-1 in the picks I made on Thursday, Louisville being the only one I missed (I knew I should have taken FIU!)

The Week to Come

All we need to focus on is Louisville this week. It’s one of the best weeks of the sports year for us here in the Commonwealth. The trash talk will be at Defcon 5 as will the anticipation of the game on Saturday. Stay tuned to the WBN this week for tons of Louisville trash talk and game analysis.

As always, Go Cats.

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