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Kentucky Volleyball's WBN 4 P.M. Headlines


I know this site is dedicated primarily to Kentucky football and basketball, but it is time to give our girl’s volleyball team some love. The ladies take on the female Dirty Birds tonight in the first of two games this year at Memorial Coliseum.

The Lady Cats are 5-2 on the season and are coming off of three game sweeps against Virginia Tech, Ohio and Western Kentucky. I have no idea if those other teams are any good, but it’s pretty awesome that they were swept.

The game starts at 7 P.M. tonight, so if you are in the Lexington area, check it out. If not, you can watch in on Fox Sports South. Go Cats. Beat those degenerates just like we do in football, baseball, basketball and just about everything else we play them in.


-The big news today is that the SEC has announced that Texas A&M will be leaving the Big 12 in favor for the previously mentioned conference. Apparently Baylor is none too happy about this and is filing some kind of lawsuit/complaint, or something or other. Sounds like sour grapes from a team that was not asked to join the Big Boy’s Club.

-The other team that has been mentioned as a 14th SEC team is West Virginia. I have to say that this is pretty awesome. Huggy Bear vs. Cal will now be guaranteed every year. These two teams have developed a nice little rivalry in the tournament the past two years. I would like to see this happen.

-One thing that we may not get to enjoy is the age old past time that West Virginians love to partake in: couch burning. The activity is now a felony in Morgantown and lawbreakers will be imprisoned. Read about it here and watch the video. It’s a eulogy for tradition.

-The Wildcats are a 13.5 point favorite over the Central Michigan Chippewas on Saturday. Last night’s football Podcast left me pretty excited about this game. I think the Cats will cover the spread and them some. More on this at Midnight. (that’s called a prelude)

-The Kentucky offensive line looked awful against WKU. To make matters worse, Matt Smith, the starting center that missed game one, will also miss game 2 with an undisclosed injury. Offensive line coach Mark Summers called him the “absolute rock” of the o-line. Oh Boy.

-Trevard Lindley was cut by the Eagles. Boo. Mike Hartline was picked up by the Colt’s practice squad. Hooray!

-Speaking of the Colts, Peyton Manning will miss the first game of his entire NFL career on Sunday due to lingering effects from off season neck surgery. Brett Favre can now exhale and continue sending picture of “Little Favre” to female sideline reporters.

-We may have an Aaron Boyd sighting on Saturday. I don’t want to get everyone too excited but according to Joker Phillips, Boyd has been taking advantage of the poor performance of the wide receivers at practice this week. As we all remember Boyd was supposed to be a 4 star stud and has not panned out thus far. It’s his Junior year. Time to step it up.

Have a good evening. You deserve it.

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