I hope everyone enjoyed their first weekend of college football and your Labor Day holida..."/> I hope everyone enjoyed their first weekend of college football and your Labor Day holida..."/>

Sosa's Leg Injury, College Football Week 1, Joker's Press Conference and More


I hope everyone enjoyed their first weekend of college football and your Labor Day holiday. Let’s have a nightcap. Hopefully you have room for one after all of the alcohol you consumed over these wonderful three days.

-Edgar Sosa suffered an awful injury today for John Calipari and the Dominican Republic team. The Dominicans were beating Panama by 24 points when Sosa drove to the lane and came down on his leg and broke it. The break was extremely severe and he snapped his bone in half. His teammates were driven to tears and John Calipari looked as if he just witnessed someone get shot right in front of him. The injury looked as if it could be a career ender. Sosa was playing some very good basketball for the team as the starting point guard and many people thought that the NBA would give him some serious consideration. My thoughts go out to Sosa. Hopefully he can recover fully and have a long career playing professional basketball.

-After watching college football almost non-stop this weekend, I have a few thoughts I would like to share:

  • The best teams I saw play all weekend were LSU, Boise State, Alabama and Oklahoma.
  • Where the hell did all of these freak storms come from? I have never seen more delays in college football, or football on any level for that matter.
  • After Auburn had to come back from 10 points down at home to beat Utah State at home, I feel a little better about the Kentucky/WKU game. That’s a total lie.
  • Notre Dame is terribly overrated.
  • Georgia’s Nike Elite uniforms were awful.

-Kentucky’s next opponent is Central Michigan. The Chippewas won their first college football game of the year against South Carolina State, 21-6. They play the Wildcats Saturday at noon on ESPNU. Kentucky really needs to focus on this game and not look ahead to Louisville. After what I saw from them on Thursday night, they need to worry about getting beat by CMU.

-Joker Phillips held a press conference today and aimed most of his anger at the wide receivers, telling the media that they “did not play well” and that there will be “changes at the wide receiver position”. Joker didn’t stop at the them. He also said the quarterback Morgan Newton made “4 or 5 bonehead plays”. Not all was bad news and criticism from the coach. He did praise the defense and special teams units, and Winston Guy in particular. The offense needs to grow up a lot before Saturday’s games.

-Some bad news for some Cats trying to make it in the NFL. Jeremy Jarmon, Micah Johnson and Chris Matthews have all been cut by their teams. DeQuinn Evans looks like he will join the Bengals practice squad. Good luck to all of these guys finding work in the league.

-And finally, in some more Clint Hurtt news, Charles Robinson, the guy that broke the Yahoo! Sports story about the scandal in Miami, will be joining the Louisville Courier-Journal’s own Rick Bozich and Eric Crawford in their weekly Webcast on Tuesday at 12:30 P.M. Too bad I have to work. I would love to hear what this guy has to say about Hurtt, his connections to the scandal and it’s impact on UofL. This could be very interesting. Then again, it could be a whole lotta nothin’.

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