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Kentucky's 14-3 post hangover edition


The Kentucky Wildcats 14-3 win over the WKU Hilltppers is kind of like a night out drinking.  You really don’t want to remember too much of it, you feel like crap the next morning because of it, but in the end, you are relieved that no one got hurt or that you did not do anything really stupid … like lose to the Hilltoppers.  As I said earlier, a win is a win however, and while the offense has a very long way to go, you have to feel good about the defense.  Let’s try not to bee too tough on Morgan Newton.  He was victimized by at least four dropped passes but when push came to shove, he came up with two big plays to lead his team to victory.  That has to account for something, right?

WBN stats guru Corey Price always feeds me with lots of stats during and after the game via text so I thought I would share some of his tidbits on the game:

  • The 14 points scored by Kentucky was the fewest points scored in a win since November 1, 2008 when Kentucky beat Mississippi State 14-13.
  • This was the fewest combined points scored in a game since September 21, 1996 when Kentucky beat Indiana 3-0. 
  • This was Kentucky’s first 4 INT game since September 10, 2005 when we picked off four passes  against Idaho State. 
  • This was the first time UK has won a game with less than 200 yards total offence since September 21, 1996 against Indiana.
  • Why don’t we play Indiana anymore?
  • Combined passing numbers for Newton and Jakes?  16-45, 190 yards, 1 TD and 7 INT’s. 

Among the 25,499 in attendance and tucked away in one of the luxury suites was none other than Boogie Cousins, who travelled to Nashville to support the Cats.  Remember when people said that Boogie was just a one year mercenary that just came to UK to make the NBA, that he would care nothing about the school or it’s tradition, and that he generally was a bad person?  Looks like Boogie trumped a lot of loyal alumni by making the trip to Nashville and sitting through that game live.  Boogie pretty much seems like a Wildcat for life, doesn’t he?  I miss him…..

Yes, that is a corn maze carved out to honor John Calipari, so don’t call Scully and Mulder yet.  This is located at Kelly Farms on Ole Richmond Road.  Just a reminder that Kelly Farms opens their maze and pumpkin patch to customers from September 23 – October 29.  Admission is $9 for adults and children 3 and up.  There you go.  Knock yourself out.

Finally I leave you today with Shabazz Muhammad!  Kentucky coaches will make their in house visit to Muhammad on September 13 and Shabazz returns the visit At BBM.  Here is some scintillating video of Shabazz where he talks (briefly) about the UK visit and we learn that high school kids like to hang out with their friends in their spare time.

That’s it for me this morning.  About a month ago, I made a 8 AM vet appointment for my dog, just thinking it was the Friday before Labor Day and thinking it was a good way to get the day off to an early start, then put in a few hours work, and knock off for the weekend.  I did not take the late ballgame into account and am living with the results of less than four hours of sleep.  I’m a cranky man, so follow my personal twitter @Paul_Jordan_WBN and make me a happy one. 

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