What I hate about you, Western Kentuck..."/>
What I hate about you, Western Kentuck..."/>

What I Hate About You: WKU Edition


What I hate about you, Western Kentucky!

The only thing that can be said about Western Kentucky is, that they aren’t Louisville and they seem to know their role and not push the big boys around (like…Well…Kentucky). They accept their spot as the third best team in the state (here are the rankings: Kentucky, Morehead St., Western KY, Louisville). So I guess I’ll take it easy on them this time around in the first official “What I hate About You” of the football season. Now, I already goofed and missed the slot yesterday because I was sleeping, so I’m going to give Western the business, and I’m going to attempt to be funny and that usually don’t work out for all parties involved. So let’s get to it.

Your mascot pisses me off.

What the heck is it? Is it a glob of red mass? It’s official name is “Big Red” but to me, and looking at the picture above it literally looks like a red Grimace from McDonalds. I’m serious. I think they could pass for some sort of mascot twin. This post has taken me way longer than it should because I’ve been sitting here laughing at how dumb the thing looks. But I’m not a hater, I can see the comedy factor, but still…He pisses me off.

Bobby Rainey is too good to be at Western Kentucky.

If you don’t know Bobby Rainey they you forgot all about last season when Rainey pretty much ran all over the Kentucky defense. Rainey pretty much abused the Kentucky front line and as Joker put it “slapped us in the face” by scoring two touchdowns and rushing for 184 yards. Although the guy ranked third in the FBS for rushing with 134 yards per-game, he shouldn’t have done it against us. Last year I appreciated the guy because we scored 63 points on WKU, which means I didn’t care about the guy, but this year he scares me for the simple fact that we don’t have the offense to put up 63 points (here’s to hoping I’m wrong). #StopRainey.

Your Football Team is Horrible.

Since moving up to the FBS four seasons ago WKU has lost 15 straight home games and now we start a little series with them and they make UK come all the way to Nashville to have a home field advantage and now half the tickets hasn’t even been bought up in the Titans stadium, so I blame WKU for all of this even though I’m sure it isn’t there fault that they are that bad, but the game is on a Thursday night, I also blame them for that.

Look, I’m just reaching for things to hate WKU about, because in a matter of 24 hours, it isn’t going to matter about WKU, all that matters is, it’s football time in the bluegrass.

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