Thank you, Pointer Sisters. I'm jus..."/>

Thank you, Pointer Sisters. I'm jus..."/>

Let's Get Excited: WBN 4 P.M. Headlines


Thank you, Pointer Sisters. I’m just as excited as you all are about tomorrow’s game against Western Kentucky.

Here are the Headlines:

-Texas A&M is officially leaving the Big 12. It’s for real this time. A&M have notified the Big 12 that they “are seeking to generate greater visibility nationwide for Texas A&M” and their “championship caliber student-athletes.” It’s safe to say that the SEC will be getting a call from the Aggies. Get ready for a college sports shake up of Biblical proportions if this occurs.

-Speaking of “championship caliber student-athletes”, Big Blue Madness now has 10 recruits attending from the classes of 2012 to 2014. I am revising the White Thunder letter to Coach Cal as we speak. He will be there and I will take credit for his presence.

-The Kentucky vs. Louisville basketball time has been announced. Noon. New Years Eve. Rupp Arena. Little Bro is about to get that tail whipped.

-Anthony Davis has been selected on the preseason first team All American list. We remember that Harrison Barnes from UNC was also on this last year and didn’t look all that impressive until he got into ACC play. It’s tough to put a freshman on that list but AD looks as good as advertised.

-Terrence Jones was placed on the second team All American squad. The newspaper piece that announced this fact is taped to his locker for motivation. He will be a walking double-double this season.

-Kentucky kicks off against Western Kentucky tomorrow. Hooray.

-Ricardo Ledo AGAIN postponed his big college announcement. This kid loves drama more than a Miley Cyrus/Justin Bieber love child on her Super Sweet Sixteen Birthday. Please stay away from Lexington, Ricardo.

-Louisville stinks. Just thought I’d throw that in there.

-Coach Cal and his Dominican team are 2-0 in the FIBA Americas games. I guess that’s Headlines worthy. Eloy isn’t on the team, so maybe not.

-The University of Miami got the news that 8 of their football players are suspended and will have to pay back various amounts of money that they received as impermissible benefits from booster Nevin Shapiro, a guy in prison for a Ponzi Scheme. Eric Carwford from the Courier Journal wrote a piece about the situation and how it is going to effect the University of Louisville and coach Clint Hurtt in particular. The NCAA investigation is about to hit The Ville. Charlie Strong better be truthful about running a clean program.

Have a great rest of the day. I am off tomorrow from the blog, therefore I would like to give you my score prediction for the game tomorrow night. Kentucky 45-WKU 17. Rainey will get some yards but I doubt he runs wild.

Again, come see me at Big Blue Country in Louisville tomorrow night for the game. I won’t be handing out any prizes or doing any promotions. But if you do find me and positively identify me then I might buy you a drink. Of water. Go Cats.

Follow me on Twitter @Catsfanboogie. Peace.

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