(But how did you get there Clint?) (But how did you get there Clint?)

Kentucky Wildcats Football: Could Kentucky gain from potential fallout at Louisville?


(But how did you get there Clint?)

With all of the news about the University of Miami coming out, it was inevitable that some of the former staff members will come under some scrutiny. Now current Louisville assistant and top recruiter Clint Hurtt has been named as an accomplice in many of the wrongdoings at ‘The U’ and is sure to come under NCAA scrutiny. So some UK fans may be asking themselves, “If Hurtt is let go at Louisville, which of their commitments might UK target?” Luckily for those fans, I’m here to address that very question today.

Sid Anvoots – OL – 6’4 / 285 – Indianapolis, IN

Rivals: 3-Star OC

Scout: 3-Star #61 OG

ESPN: 3-Star #111 OT

24/7: 3-Star OG

Other known BCS Offers: None

Bio: Anvoots was recruited by most Big10 schools, but was offered only by Louisville, and committed to the Cardinals early. He has some versatility and is listed as a guard, center, and tackle by various recruiting services.

Would UK target him?: Not likely.

While the restocking the offensive line was a clear priority for the 2012 class, Kentucky already has commitments from 6 players along the O-line and it’s hard to see the Cats taking another player unless he’s a big-time prospect. Kentucky already has several players rated better than Anvoots and never offered him in the first place. The Cats might also be wary of recruiting another player from Bishop Chatard HS after Nick Martin spurned them for Notre Dame last year.

Joshua Appleby – K – 6’3 / 230 – Harvest, AL

Rivals: 2-Star K

Scout: 3-Star K

ESPN: 2-Star #28 K

24/7: N/A

Other known BCS Offers: UK?

Bio: Appleby is a big kicker/punter prospect. The database on scout.com indicated that Kentucky offered him a scholarship at some point, but outside of that, only Louisville based fan sites have any reference of Kentucky’s interest. He has no other BCS offers.

Would UK target him?: No Way.

Kentucky already has Landon Foster in the fold as a future kicker. Hard to believe the Cats would take two in one class.

Demetrius Frazier – CB – 5’10 / 175 – Brunswick, GA

Rivals: NR

Scout: 2-Star #130 CB

ESPN: 2-Star #84 CB

24/7: NR

Other known BCS Offers: None

Bio: Frazier committed to Louisville in May and was recruited by UK at one point. He’s listed as an ‘athlete’ by a couple of sites, but the general consensus is that his eventual destination is the defensive backfield.

Would UK target him?: Not likely.

Kentucky is filling up on cornerbacks quickly and I think the Cats would take every current player over Frazier.

Will Gardner – QB – 6’5 / 190 – Douglas, GA

Rivals: 3-Star #29 QB

Scout: 3-Star #39 QB

ESPN: 3-Star #29 QB

24/7: 3-Star

Other known BCS Offers: Alabama and Mississippi State

Bio: Gardener is a tall, yet athletic quarterback that has the tools to excel in a couple of different offensive sets. He was recruited by both Alabama and Mississippi State, which means he has a skill-level up to SEC standards.

Would UK target him?: No way

Gardner suffered a season ending knee injury in the first game of his senior season. He is a talented player, but the Cats have Patrick Towles, and Gardner is no Towles.

Deandre Herron – OL – 6’5 / 325 – Avon, IN

Rivals: 3-Star OG

Scout: 3-Star #52 OG

ESPN: 3-Star #108 OT

24/7: 3-Star OG

Other known BCS Offers: None

Bio: Herron is a monster offensive line prospect that seems to project best at guard in college. He has received multiple offers from non-BCS schools and FCS programs, but Louisville remains his only known BCS offer. Kentucky was recruiting Herron at one point, but never offered.

Would UK target him?: Not Likely

If the Cats had a decommitment or two from their offensive linemen, Herron might be someone Kentucky looked at as a replacement. Then again, Kentucky had recruited Herron and never saw fit to offer despite a need at his position, so he may not be a possibility after all.

Kevin Houchins – CB – 5’11 / 175 – South Euclid, OH

Rivals: NR

Scout: 3-Star #60 CB

ESPN: 2-Star #80 CB

24/7: 3-Star CB

Other known BCS Offers: Cincinnati

Bio: Houchins is a cornerback prospect with adequate size and speed to play on the BCS level. He has received scholarship offers from several MAC schools, but Louisville and Cincinnati remain his only BCS offers.

Would UK target him?: Not likely

Similar to Frazier, Kentucky has loaded up on defensive backs in this class and I don’t think Houchins is a better prospect than anyone Kentucky has gotten a commitment from thus far.

Larry Jefferson – OLB – 6’5 / 215 – College Park, GA

Rivals: 3-Star #34 DE

Scout: 3-Star #38 OLB

ESPN: 3-Star #79 OLB

24/7: 3-Star DE

Other known BCS Offers: Auburn, Georgia, Illinois, North Carolina, & Virginia Tech

Bio: Jefferson is a versatile defender that projects well at defensive end and/or linebacker in college depending on the defense he plays in. He was offered by several BCS teams, but committed to Louisville very early on.

Would UK target him?: Maybe?

There is no way that Jefferson is going to play defensive end in Rick Minter’s defense unless he can put on some serious size really fast. The three man fronts require heavier, stronger ends and this would likely leave Jefferson in the OLB/DE hybrid position in Kentucky’s defense, where he would be a good fit. That said, the Cats have several freshmen and redshirt freshmen currently filling out the depth chart at the hybrid spot and there is probably not room to add a guy like Jefferson.

T.C. Klusman – OL – 6’4 / 270 – Cincinnati, OH

Rivals: 3-Star #72 OT

Scout: 2-Star #136 OG

ESPN: 3-Star #31 OG

24/7: NR OT

Other known BCS Offers: Pittsburgh & North Carolina State

Bio: Klusman plays for Cincinnati powerhouse Elder High School and shows good potential. He was recruited by several mid-level BCS schools, but committed to Louisville in June.

Would UK target him?: Not Likely

Kentucky has already received commitments from six offensive linemen and just about all of them are as talented or more talented than Klusman. A much better option would be to focus on keeping the players already committed.

Joe Manley – OL – 6’6 / 310 – Bowling Green, KY

Rivals: 3-Star OT

Scout: 2-Star #114 OG

ESPN: 2-Star #90 OG

24/7: 3-Star OT

Other known BCS Offers: Kentucky & Vanderbilt

Bio: The Wildcats were recruiting Manley diligently last year and continued to prioritize him into the spring. Once the summer rolled around, Manley was not ready to make a commitment and several other UK targets were and pulled the trigger for the Cats. When the dominoes started falling, Manley missed his seat on the bus with Kentucky and subsequently committed to Louisville.

Would UK target him?: Not likely

Manley is beginning to look like a guy without a position. He is a lot taller than an ideal guard and lacks the brute strength that a guard needs, but he also doesn’t appear to have the athleticism needed to play tackle. Kentucky has taken several offensive linemen that project better into a SEC offense than Manley, so unless there is a decommitment or two, I don’t see Manley joining this class.

Devontre Parnell – CB – 5’11 / 165 – Winnsboro, SC

Rivals: 4-Star #22 CB

Scout: 3-Star #66 CB

ESPN: 4-Star #19 CB

24/7: 3-Star CB

Other known BCS Offers: Connecticut, Illinois, Kentucky, North Carolina State, Vanderbilt, Wake Forrest

Bio: Parnell was one of Kentucky’s top cornerback targets in the 2012 class before pledging with Louisville. He is coming off of a knee injury, but that was a known fact when Kentucky was recruiting him and didn’t hinder his ability to receive a four-star rating from two different recruiting services. It’s always a gamble to take a player coming off of a serious knee injury, but if Parnell can recover, he will be very good.

Would UK target him?: Probably

The only reason I don’t put ‘Yes’ here is because of the depth at defensive back in this class already. The Wildcats have taken commitments from several other players that could play corner in college and I’m not sure that it’s a lock that they would still look to bring Parnell in at this point.

Daqual Randall – LB – 6’0 / 225 – Palmetto, FL

Rivals: 3-Star #23 ILB

Scout: 2-Star #133 OLB

ESPN: 3-Star #37 ILB

24/7: NR

Other known BCS Offers: Indiana, Iowa State, Purdue, & Rutgers

Bio: Randall is a little bit of a conundrum. Two of the major recruiting services rate him relatively highly at his position, and two don’t seem to think much of him. Regardless, he has received BCS offers from Big10 and Big East schools, so he can play. He picked Louisville late in July.

Would UK target him?: Probably not

Kentucky’s defense is getting longer and faster. A guy like Qua Huzzie was buried down in the depth chart at linebacker and Randall is a similar player. He does not project well to the type of defense Kentucky is transitioning to.

Brandon Snell – WR – 5’11 / 160 – Miami Gardens, FL

Rivals: 3-Star #92 WR

Scout: 3-Star #143 WR

ESPN: 3-Star #176 WR

24/7: 3-Star WR

Other known BCS Offers: Cincinnati, Illinois, Kentucky, & Rutgers

Bio: While he may not be the type of big, physical receiver that Kentucky has targeted in the past, Snell is a shifty runner that excels after the catch. He picked Louisville early in the recruiting process and has remained committed ever since.

Would UK target him?: Maybe?

It’s not clear how many more receivers (in addition to Demarcus Sweat) Kentucky will take in this class, but the general consensus seems to be that two more would be the maximum possible with one or no more being much more likely. The Wildcats could target Snell, who has already been offered a scholarship, or could continue to pursue Monty Mandaris and Blake Tibbs.

Think about this post next time you read about how great Louisville’s class is.

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