Kentucky Wildcats Football: Are Uniforms that Important?


The college football season is quietly approaching. It seems like all of the attention was on the NFL lockout, so college football slipped up on a lot of people this season, including me because my eyes are wide at the thought of Kentucky kicking off THIS THRUSDAY against Western Kentucky. So now that college football is underway, it’s time for those lights to kick on, on Saturday evening.

It’s time to venture to Commonwealth for a tailgate, it’s time to venture between the hedges, it’s time to grill and play corn hole. It’s time for some head knocking passionate football playing, and it’s also time for…

Ridiculous uniforms.

I’m young, but I’m a traditional sort of guy and today during one of my classes on sports marketing we had a conversation about uniforms and so we brought up some of the uniforms you can be looking for in the upcoming college football season and surprisingly some of them aren’t that terrible, it’s just the fact how many jersey variations these teams actually have.

Take for example the new Maryland uniforms, I’m sure you’ve seen them if you are a college football fan but if you haven’t I’ll give you a peak here shortly with some interesting links on uniforms (who knew that uniforms could make you faster and perform better, right?).

I’m not saying I’m against any of these said uniforms because now I really think it’s a recruiting advantage to have uniforms that the players want to wear, and add the off colors that make players want to wear it, and these players think that it’s cool to wear. I’m all for it, but it’s become an annual tradition to see what kind of football uniforms that Oregon and Virginia Tech are going to break out, and it’s seem to become a trend for the rest of the college football world. As you can see above, Kentucky even got an upgrade adding the Secretariat checkerboard pattern to their uniforms, which I’m all for.

Maryland also joined the new uniform phase recently with helmets that actually resemble a turtle shell, and Florida’s new uniforms for the Georgia/Florida game that is traditional at a neutral site location, they have actual “scales” on their uniforms to resemble Gators.

Oregon seemed to go a different route this year, instead of “how much can we have going on on one uniform” they seemed to go for the “how can we look as intimidating as possible” and they came up with this little number:


So now Kentucky is in the conversation for having some cool uniforms to join the club so to speak…

It was a slow news day, and I’m interested in jerseys and so I’ve been reading some links all day, that I’ll share with you if you are interested in jerseys like me because like it or not, it’s become part of the game:




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