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Joker Storms The Ville: WBN 4 P.M. Headlines


The big football news is that Joker Phillips was in Louisville today for a luncheon. Obviously Charlie Strong (or HCCS as the Card faithful like to refer to him because they can’t speak in complete sentences or say whole words) could not hold such an event in Lexington. That’s we are Big Blue Nation and they are just the ville.

I can’t find any video of the luncheon, so I will fill you in on some snippets I found elsewhere:

-Joker wants the bulk of his recruiting to come from Kentucky

-Somebody lost they damn mind and called him Charlie Strong

-Joker thinks he can win a BCS championship at Kentucky (sigh)

That’s the long and the short of it for now. Hopefully there will be some more info and we can fill you in more later.

Here are the Headlines:

-Poor Eloy Vargas. It has come to my attention that Eloy will not be on the final roster on the Dominican National team. I must say that I am disappointed. The four points he scored at the Rupp Legends game were the highlight of my night. On second thought, no they weren’t. Actually, why is he still on UK’s team?

-UK target Ricardo Ledo will not be making a decision tomorrow as was the rumor floating around. Ledo will be visiting Providence tomorrow. Why is he doing that? I’m not sure. It is a Catholic university and Catholic’s love to drink. I know this because I’m a Catholic and that’s what I like to do.

This article about UK freshman women’s soccer player Erin Gilliland has been linked to just about every UK website. I am going to link it t0o because it’s an awesome, inspiring story and has it showcased.

-The NCAA wasn’t done when they reprimanded Bruce Pearl with the show-cause penalty yesterday. The Vols were handed some more penalties. You can read about the rest of this and the lack of evidence against the football team here. The NCAA has included the following in the punishment for the university: public reprimand and censure; two years probation from August 4, 2011 to August 23, 2011. So there ya go.

-The Courier-Journal continued to profile individual players from the Wildcats football team. Today defensive end Collins Ukwu took center stage. Collins went from being 6-foot-4 205 pounds to 6-f00t-5 265 pounds. Let’s just say I wouldn’t want to make Mr. Ukwu angry with me.

-I don’t know how you feel about Nike coming in and changing all of the NFL and college uniforms as their new “Combat” series, but I must say that I hate most of them. These uniforms are catching fire on the internet and many of them are fake as hell. There is a reason that teams like Notre Dame, Penn State and Michigan have never changed their uniforms: because they look awesome. Don’t mess around with a uniform unless it looks completely stupid. Like this one. And especially this one.

-This is on a personal note but it’s related. The Afternoon Underdogs were discussing that maybe the Louisville Cardinals should take that ridiculous bird off of the side of their helmet because Charlie Strong is tough and his philosophy is tough and blah, blah, blah… I decided to call in and pitch my two cents to the host by asking him what kind of bird that exists in nature has teeth. He was befuddled and I felt good about myself for the next hour or so. Boom. Roasted.

That’s all for now. Enjoy the rest of your hump day. We are a little over a week before kick off and I cannot be happier about that. Follow me on Twitter @Catsfanboogie or I will send Collins Ukwu to beat you up.

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