Defensive Line

Let's cut it strai..."/>

Defensive Line

Let's cut it strai..."/>

The WBN Kentucky Wildcat Football Position Previews: Defensive Line


Defensive Line

Let’s cut it straight here, last year’s defensive line sucked. It doesn’t matter if you have a cyborg from the future built to tackle ball carriers as a linebacker, he has to have space to run. No matter how you want to explain it or reason it away, we had several upperclassmen on the line last year that did not perform up to expectations and as a result, the overall defense suffered. Ranking in the bottom third of the FBS in yards allowed and rush yards gained is old news, I won’t be talking of that anymore. Point is, this year’s version of the front four must be stronger. The new hybrid defense utilizes smaller players and more spped to make plays, that means that if one of these 320 lb buffet killers in the SEC gets their hands on one of the last 7 behind those guys, it will open up a hole large enough to fit Phillip Fulmer through. Luckily there is more across the board talent and experience in this year’s version; and more experience means better play.

The Starters:

#94- Taylor Wyndham- JR- 6’4″/246- Swansea, SC

“The Tebow Killer” I know he is tired of hearing about that, but that was the moment that his name showed up to most UK fans. To the enthusiasts of UK football, his name was on the radar when the tall, extremely athletic linebacker-turned-end signed his LOI in 2008. His speed will be very useful getting around tackles and his strength is improving.

#98- Mark Crawford- SR- 6’1″/338- Indianapolis, IN

A 20+ game player, has more experience than most on the team at this time. My last year “break out player” prediction was up and down, racking up tackles in some games and disappearing in others. Will need to become a roadblock in the middle for his senior season to be considered a success.

#96- Collins Ukwu- JR- 6’5″/258- La Vergne, TN

Tall junior has been putting on weight since he got here and is still working on adding mass, but his quickness and athleticism has never been in question. His nose for the ball has been improving every year and has increased his tackle numbers every year and can hopefully become a more polished pass rusher this year and seal off the weakside end.

#68- Luke McDermott- SR- 6’1″/264- Louisville, KY

The Rudy of the Bluegrass. Rode in on a white horse when the tackle position was woefully thin and performed admirably, getting six starts last year and even making an interception against the Dirty Riverbirds 70 miles east. His level of effort and energy has not been matched by anyone on the team considering his physical abilities and his playing time looks to grow with the season.

The Contenders:

#97- Mister Cobble- SO- 6’0″/332- Louisville, KY

Another selection for the UK all-name team, the former scout team MVP missed the regular season last year due to academic issues but seems to have resolved that. The re-dedicated tackle should be able to contribute on the line this year.

#99- Donte Rumph- SO- 6’3″/308- St. Matthews, SC

If anyone remembers this name and think,”didn’t this guy sign four years ago?” then you would be congratulated by me for having an excellent memory. The two time non-qualifier finally made it on campus last season and played in 12 games; if that doesn’t tell you how much the coaches want to see this guy on the field, I don’t know what does. The South Carolina all-stater should make a big contribution this year.

#45- Antwane Glenn- SR- 6’3″/274- Pacolet, SC

The consistent special teamer and extremely intelligent player, his size and speed allow him to play either end or tackle. It will be interesting to see if/how Rick Minter uses him this year. If either position struggles, expect to him him slide in and get reps in order to solidify the position.

Best of the Rest:

#95- Patrick Ligon- SO- 6’4″/255- Germantown, TN

Another big, strong player who is working on improving fundamentals in order to crack the rotation.

#78- Jacob Lewellen- JR- 6’3″/244- Louisville, KY

Junior is still working to add strength and size to his frame to get more playing time

#50- Mike Douglas- FR- 6’4″/250-Largo, FL

Redshirted last year and worked on his strength, putting on 25 lbs since arriving on campus

#60- Alvin Davis Jr.- FR- 6’4″/249- Jesup, GA

Redshirt freshman has been clocked at 4.6 seconds in the 40, looks to crack the rotation in the new look defense

#90- Justin Henderson- FR 6’3″/234- Bamberg, SC

Redshirt freshman that made a few waves at the spring practice this year, registering seven tackles and a handful and sacks. Look for him on the field.

#55- David Washington- 6’3″/285- Locust Grove, GA

First team all-stater in Georgia, appears to take on the form of a yeti if I am to learn anything from his UK profile page.

#58- Shaq Love- FR- 6’4″/293- Harriman, TN

Another all-name team selection, is bureid on the depth chart but looks to improve

#91- Farrington Huguenin- FR- 6’4″/ 238- Columbia, SC

Needs to put on more muscle if he wants to see the field

#92- Christian Coleman- FR- 6’3″/268- Milan, TN

Big freshman was highly recognized coming out of high school, can hopefully get some time this year to put on muscle and size.

#51- Tristan Johnson- SO- 6’1″/275- LaGrange, GA

Pipeline product, will need to put on serious weight if he wants to see the field

#64 Lionel Inanzala- FR- 6’3″/284- Louisville, KY

Walk-on from last year has the frame to play, but will need to add weight and speed.

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