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Sports Illustrated Must be Trippin: 4 P.M. Headlines


Rick Bozich posted a kind of confusing blog piece about Sports Illustrated and their picks for the Kentucky and Louisville football season. SI picks both Louisville and Kentucky to go 5-7 for the season which is not surprising. What is surprising is that the picks lead Bozich, myself and any other casual observer to believe that the gurus at SI think that the Cards will beat the Cats in Commonwealth on September, 17.

Why do we assume this? We assume this because the before mentioned gurus have UK going 3-1 for their out of conference schedule. That means they will lose to either WKU, Central Michigan, Louisville or Jacksonville State. Out of those four teams, Louisville is the only squad that I think has a chance at beating the Cats. Therefore logic dictates that the football experts over at SI are picking Charlie Strong and his flunkies to beat Joker and the Cats for the Governor’s Cup trophy.

I am going on record and saying that the Cards WILL NOT BEAT THE CATS this season. I will even go on record on this blog and say that if Louisville beats Kentucky, I will write a blog post on this site about how awesome Charlie Strong is as a coach. That’s how confident I am about this game.

Here are your 4 P.M. Headlines:

-Less than two weeks until kick-off in Nashville. Hell yes.

-The Courier-Journal has a very good article on UK freshman running back Josh Clemons. This site has done some research on Clemons and we around here, along with many others, feel that he can definitely challenge Raymond Sanders for the starting spot. He is 5-10, 201 pounds and runs the 40 in 4.4 seconds. Give it a read. Clemons might be an absolute steal for Joker.

-As we all know, Jerrell Priester is no longer a Wildcat. Reports are coming out that he hasn’t adapted well to Rick Minter’s defense and he was not as good of a kick off return specialist as everyone wanted him to be. As long as everyone stays healthy his loss shouldn’t be felt.

-John Connor is the official starting full back for the New York Jets. Fear the Terminator.

-Roger Goodell has extended his iron fist into college football. Disgraced Ohio State quarterback Terrell Pryor will be allowed to enter the NFL supplemental draft. The catch is that Goodell has decreed that Pryor will have to sit out the first 5 games of his NFL career, the same suspension he originally had before he left Ohio State. I’m not sure this is a good thing or a bad thing for professional football. All I know for sure is that I have never seen a successful Buckeye quarterback in the pros since I having been watching football.

-Yeah, that Miami football thing, it’s still going on, it’s still messed up, the “Death Penalty” is being mentioned an awful lot, and Clint Hurtt is still smack in the middle of it. This will not be pretty when it is all said and done.

-The SEC released the conference basketball schedule and I think the Cats run the table in the SEC. Who is going to beat them this year? Vandy? Florida? Tennessee? Yeah right. If any team has a chance of posing a threat it’s Alabama and that game is at Rupp. We all know what Cal does when he is at Rupp: He Wins 100% of the time.

-Stevie Johnson is going to be the #1 guy in Buffalo this year as far as receivers go. Johnson is highlighted in this article and he is surprisingly modest. We all remember why we love Stevie. Enjoy:

-And finally, if you haven’t seen the brawl between a Chinese basketball team and the Georgetown Hoyas, where have you been? This “Goodwill Game” deteriorated into a street fight after a hard foul on a Hoya by a Chinese player. I guess there are still some hard feelings over the Korean War. Hard feelings die hard deaths. Ron Artest thought this was out of hand.

For the record, Jon Hood has tweeted out that this is the same Chinese Team that his Sportsreach team played last summer during their tour of China.  Of course, I’m sure the presence of Jorts and Hood on that team was intimidating enough for the Chinese to not start any drama.

Have a great evening and Go Cats. Follow me on Twitter @Catsfanboogie. You won’t regret it.

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