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2011-12 Kentucky Wildcat basketball schedule released


For me, it is always an exciting time when the new schedule is released.  I have always made it a point to enter the games in my dayplanner or online schedule … sometimes Kentucky basketball games were the only events on the calendar …. but regardless, they needed to be entered.  Well, grab your day planner or open your Microsoft Office calendar.  Here is the 2011-2012 basketball schedule:


11/2 – vs Transylvania

11/7- vs Morehouse


11/11 – vs Marist

11/15 – vs Kansas (at New York City)


@ Uncasville, CT

11/19 – vs Penn State – 12:00 PM

11/20 – vs USF/Old Dominion – 12:00 PM

11/23 – vs Radford

11/26 – vs Portland

Big East/SEC Challenge

12/1 – vs St. Johns – 7:30 PM

12/3 – vs North Carolina – 12:00 PM

12/10 – @ Indiana

12/17 – vs Chattanooga

12/20 – vs Samford

12/22 – vs Loyola, MD

12/28 – vs Lamar

12/31 – vs Louisville

1/3 – vs Arkansas – Little Rock (in Louisville)

1/7 – vs South Carolina – 4:00 PM – SEC Network

1/11 – @ Auburn – 8:00 PM – SEC Network

1/14 – @ Tennessee – 12:00 PM – ESPN

1/17 – vs Arkansas – 9:00 PM – ESPN

1/21 – vs Alabama – 12:00 PM – CBS

1/24 – @ Georgia – 9:00 PM – ESPN

1/28 – @ LSU – 4:00 PM – SEC Network

1/31 – vs Tennessee – 7:00 PM – ESPNU

2/4 – @ South Carolina – 6:00 PM – ESPN

2/7 – vs Florida – 7:00 PM – ESPN

2/11 – @ Vanderbilt – 9:00 PM – ESPN

2/18 – vs Ole Miss – 4:00 PM SEC Network

2/21 – @ Mississippi State  – 9:00 PM – ESPN

2/25 – vs Vanderbilt – 12:00 PM – CBS Sports

3/1 – vs Georgia – 9:00 PM – ESPN

3/4 – @ Florida – 12:00 PM – CBS

No doubt that you are probably enjoying the “5 for Friday” with your morning bagel smothered with a healthy dollop of cream cheese, correct?  Or perhaps peanut butter?  Well soon, NCAA recruits may be able to enjoy that same right.  Seems that the NCAA is considering 91 rule changes when their legislative council meets in January.  And one of them is that prospective recruits be allowed to enjoy their complimentary bagels the schools provide with toppings such as butter, cream cheese, peanut butter and jelly.  As of right now, only the schools student athletes can enjoy these luxuries.

Don’t scoff.  This is how the whole Miami fiasco started.  With just one dab of peanut butter smeared on a bagel and then anarchy.  Way to be ridiculous, NCAA.  You can read here for a list of all the proposed rule changes and while you are doing so, realize what a bloated, useless, outdated monster the NCAA has become. 

Do you like Doron Lamb?  Do your kids?  Well, it looks like Doron Lamb will soon appear in a coloring book.  (Personal prediction:  the NCAA henchmen will swarm Lexington and put a stop to this and make sure that John Calipari is not giving Shabazz Muhammad a peanut butter bagel in one fell swoop soon. 

Seems that two brothers that grew up in the New York projects will be undertaking a film and some other projects to recognize the culture and history of the Lower East Side and Lamb may be featured:

In addition, in another effort to put the Lower East Side and some of its personalities on the map, Patterson, Harris and Orlando Bonilla are teaming up on a special coloring book. Its illustrations will run the gamut of current and former local figures, from artists Peter Missing, Ai Weiwei and Jim Power, to laid-back biker “Freaky Fridge,” emcee Tru Life and current Kentucky basketball standout Doron Lamb, who grew up on the L.E.S., though news articles always just say he’s from Queens.

Out with the old and in with the new.  Work continues on the new scoreboards at Commonwealth Stadium and as you can see, the new scoreboards on the left is a huge change from the old scoreboards.  Work will be done for the home opener.

This weekend brings another slate of NFL preseason games and with them, the chance for some former Wildcats to shine.  Let’s take a quick look at last night’s action:

  •   The Steelers defeated the Eagles 24-14 but former UK running back Derrick Locke did not get in on the action.  Trevard Lindley had two tackles for the Eagles. 
  • The Patriots blew out the Buccaneers 31-14 lat night and Myron Pryor contributed a tackle for the Pats. 

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