More than Kentucky Wildcat News today


Good Morning Vietnam……I mean WBN……I mean……I don’t know what I mean. Maybe this is Vietnam, because a war zone is what it feels like lately with bomb after bomb being dropped in the world of college sports. I wonder if they give Mark Emmert combat duty pay?

Anyway, on with the show, and unless today becomes another watershed event, it’s going to seem like a mere pittance compared with yesterday, but let’s do try and trudge on, shall we?

First: I am going to blow my own horn for once, or twice, or whatever….I put this piece up about whether or not Rick Pitino deserves the 3.9M a year he got from UL after Coach Cal was given his contract. The piece is not long, but the commentary is worthy of a look see……two very different sides of an issue that may come back to haunt UL. Probably not as much as the Big Hurtt, but hey!

Second: In what was supposed to be another bombshell yesterday that we hinted at here at WBN, Danny Sheridan was supposed to name the Cam Newton bagman on Paul Finebaum’s radio show. Well, as can be expected, Sheridan wants to run his mouth but not say much, and claimed that while he knew who the bagman was, he could not share that information because he might face a defamation lawsuit. Last time I checked folks, they can’t sue you if you are telling the truth.

Third: Under the heading of ridiculous, bizarre, and just plain wrong, comes the news that Terrelle Pryor now wants to be charged with MORE NCAA violations. This all so he can enter the NFL’s Supplemental Draft. So, not only does he do in his coach and school, now he wants to throw dirt on top of them by claiming there was more, just so he can get his payday? I hope the NFL bans the kid…..just my opinion. And along those lines, seems as though the NFL and the NFLPA are looking into some sort of a punishment system for college rulebreakers…..hmmm.

Fourth: Alex Scutchfield over at A Sea Of Blue gives us his Football Season in complete form and his predictions are pretty much in line with mine, a 6-6 record and another mediocre bowl for the Cats. He gives the Cats the UL game which I am not so sure about, but one game does not a season make, or does it?

Fifth: Finally, not only is Erin Andrews a handsome filly, she doesn’t mind doling out the compliments when the occasion presents itself. She took time to give compliments to our own Coach Cal on “Live with Regis and Kelly”. Coach Cal could replace Regis couldn’t he?

More Finally: Folks, keep yesterday’s date in your head. Remember it well, because it may very well go down as the date that actually changed the game of college athletics. If this Miami debacle and it’s far reaching effects don’t make the NCAA finally sit up and start making things right, then nothing will.

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