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Your Cheating Heart's 4 PM Headlines


The big story around college football today is the scandal surrounding Miami Hurricanes football. There seems to be a rash of major cheating occurring in college football that includes Miami, Ohio State, North Carolina, USC, Tennessee, among others. Thankfully the Wildcats have stayed out of the fray and hopefully will continue to do so.

This effects our main football rival (every sport rival, actually) the University of Louisville as their current top recruiter, Clint Hurtt, was the top recruiter for Miami while the transgressions were happening. Hurtt has been accused of some shady activity with some former Hurricane football players and the booster that is coming clean about all of the improprieties. Louisville of course has no comment.

This begs the question whether or not these college institutions and the individuals associated with them will be as scrutinized as John Calipari still is to this day, despite the fact that he has never officially been convicted of any wrong doing by the NCAA. No matter, Cal is always branded as a cheater and the University of Kentucky is looked upon as a dirty program. Cal often talks about double standards and the backwards “justice” of the NCAA. He seems to be hitting the nail right on the head.

-The Legends game at the Yum! Center was a success even though the place was not sold out and the Legends lost again to the Dominicans. Look on the bright side people: Calipari is doing a wonderful job coaching, he is winning, he is exposing the UK Brand like nobody else before and he is honing his skills for the upcoming season. Enough of the “We lost to Garcia and Sosa” apathy. A win for Cal is a win for Kentucky, period. Now quit crying. 40,000 people showed up to watch back to back exhibition games. It’s the Kentucky Effect.

-Conspiracy theorists say that Tom Jurich pulled the plug on the Yum! Center lights last night. The first quarter was played in the dark. I really don’t get into conspiracy theories, but come on man; this is a brand new arena that has never had any problems before. The minute UK steps into the building, the lights go out. Couple that with the fact that Jurich is a maniacal, sociopathic, egotistical freakazoid, then the theory is less conspiracy and more fact.

-Terrence Jones has a nice interview with Jason King from Rivals. Jones states that he is ready to be the leader and he feels less pressure with all of the talent from the returning players and all of the talent of the incoming players. Terrence is ready to go into Beast Mode this year. Read it here if you like.

-Darius Miller and the USA Men’s team are in the quarter finals of the World University Games. Miller scored six points, had eight rebounds, four steals and two assists in the 124-64 win over Finland. The Americans are 4-0 and have earned the #1 seed i their pool. USA!USA!USA!USA! Miller is repping the Big Blue like a Champ

I leave you with a video of John Calipari, Denny Crum and Joe B. Hall. Enjoy the awesomeness:

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