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No SEC expansion for Texas A&M, Alex Poythress pays a visit to Kentucky Wildcats


As you’ve heard by now, the SEC will not be expanding, meaning Texas A&M has been left at the proverbial altar twice in the last year and a half or so.  While I am not a big fan of SEC expansion, the addition of Texas A&M and others would have made a lot of sense geographically and financially.  There is a theory out there that ESPN was the real villain that was complicating the deal and it makes for an interesting read. 

2012 recruit Alex Poythress (he of the yet to be official Duke recruiting violation) made an unofficial visit to Lexington this weekend and said that Kentucky made a good first impression.  Part of the reason for the visit was for his sister to see Lexington as well, as she is considering UK for volleyball.  Poythress is expected to narrow his list of teams in the next few days and he had this to say about Coach Calipari and UK:

“Coach Cal was talking about how they will lose a lot of people and how he needs players to play right away.  He also said he stresses player development but told me Kentucky isn’t for everyone since not everyone can handle all the attention, I think I could handle it.”

2013 recruit Derek Willis was also on campus on Saturday.  You may recall that about a week ago that Del Harris, Derrick’s dad made some waves when he said he did not trust Coach Cal or Rick Pitino.  Apparently, the visit was “eye opening” for Del and he had these things to say about Coach Cal and UK afterward:

“I didn’t really know what to expect.  But I had a lot more comfortable feeling after being there, meeting those guys and seeing the school.  Coach (Calipari) seemed like a real neat, genuine kind of guy. He was real personable. Derek and I both really liked coach Calipari. I was surprised what they have going and the plans for the future.”

They’re baaaack ….  yes folks, the former UK players have arrived in Lexington so prepare for lots of Boogie/Wall/Bledsoe sightings on campus today.  The big event, the UK Legends vs the Dominican Team is at 7:30 tonight and it will be televised on WKYT.  It will also be on WYMT in Hazard and WBKO in Bowling Green.  There is no official word on where this can be caught on satellite, or if it will be streaming on the internet.  There are people saying that there will be Spanish speaking broadcasts beamed back to the Dominican Republic, so if you have satellite, that gives you an idea where to search.  If we hear anything about other places to catch the game, we will let you know.

Here’s something to watch in the next couple of days.  The NCAA is currently launching an investigation in the Miami Hurricane program and there is to be a  Yahoo! story released soon that is said to be a “come clean account” of  former booster and convicted Ponzi schemer Nevin Shapiro.  Now I know this does not sound like news for the Commonwealth, but Oscar Combs sent out a tweet last night hat this story  could ” hit very close to a certain Division I program located within 100 miles of Lexington”.   It may concern a school that has a former Hurricane recruiting co-ordinator with close ties to Shapiro.  Is it a case of where there is smoke, there is fire?  Stay tuned ….


Just a heads up, the results of Darius Miller’s World University Games has not been released yet, but as soon as something is released, I will post an update.  The game was at 3:30AM, so it should be at any minute.

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