After Saturday's scrimmage, both Coach Phillips and Coach S..."/>

After Saturday's scrimmage, both Coach Phillips and Coach S..."/>

Kentucky Wildcat Football: Try This On For Size


After Saturday’s scrimmage, both Coach Phillips and Coach Sanders mentioned they were still seeing drops from their receivers. Combine that with an overall less than stellar performance from the receiving corp in general during the last scrimmage, and you have a shaky outlook at who Morgan Newton will be throwing the ball to beyond the line of scrimmage. We have the King/Adams/possibly McCaskill combo on the outside but they won’t be able to run the defenders out of the box all day; there is just not enough confidence in those deeper on the depth chart. If only we had an overstock talented players at another position that we could desperately use on the field…

BEHOLD! The formation you see above you is called the Wing-T. It is a rather simple formation, and tightly packed, but allows you to have a lot of playmakers close to the line of scrimmage. We’ve heard how much everybody loves the new backs and we still haven’t heard much from the rest of the offensive unit, despite the season being less than three weeks away. With receivers that need some more time to learn the playbook and work on their route running, why not give some of these running backs that we’ve all heard so much gushing about get on the field a little closer to the line, where they could possibly get a ball on a swing pass and do something exciting. With the successes of Randall Cobb (may his blessing be upon you) playing everywhere on the field and the fanbase yearning for another “do everything” guy, why not give one of the young guns a shot at getting some butts out of their seats on Saturdays this fall. Joker has already stated his desire to see those players on the field, why not give them some experience (as well as resume padding stats) at other positions to prove their versatility? Darren McFadden parlayed that kind of play into a 1st round draft pick a few years ago, as well as Cobb last year, so what if we start giving players that supposedly “need” to be on the field a chance to be on the field?

I’m not suggesting reinventing the playbook before the season starts, the Wing T might be an easily defensible set. But Joker should at least consider moving one of the faster backs out to the slot and maybe pulling him in an extra few yards, if not for another play option then at least as a blocker. I’m just as excited as anyone else about freshman like Josh Clemons and Marcus Caffey, but we need to remember players like Jonathan George are already backing up Raymond Sanders and they are not only stronger (thanks Rock!) and faster, but know the playbook better. So let’s branch out and get some of those future all-stars on the field, no matter where.

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