Randall Cobb made his Packer debut last..."/>

Randall Cobb made his Packer debut last..."/>

Randall Cobb: Making Kentucky Football Proud


Randall Cobb made his Packer debut last night against the Chicago Bears in Chicago. The Bears were shut out by the Packers as elite Quarterback Aaron Rogers started the air raid sirens by throwing for an amazing seven touchdowns to a receiver who set the NEW NFL record for most touchdown catches in a game. Who is the receiver you ask? Randall Cobb.


No, none of the above is true unless you were in my room last night at about 12 AM when I downloaded the Madden ’12 demo and the default game is the Packers vs. Bears. Basically I just decided to throw the ball to Randall Cobb across the middle of the field every time…It worked. So maybe all this was a bit of a stretch, but who knows right?

In reality though, Cobb is making Kentucky football fans proud. The general feel around the Packers camp is that Cobb is going to be the breakout rookie for the Packers this season and he seems to be the most impressive thus far in training camp.

A neat little tweet by Peter King of SI who said that the number one thing to notice about the Packers practice was Randall Cobb, the receiver out of the University of Kentucky had great hands. You know what’s good about having great hands in Green Bay? Aaron Rogers, because you are going to get the ball thrown to you a lot. Just ask Greg Jennings.

It seems to be obvious why the Packers nabbed Cobb in the second round. Breaking down the receiving core for the Packer’s the only real standout is Jennings (who is on my fantasy team, just saying). He’s an elite wide receiver who snags up anything thrown his way, but other than that who is reliable for Rogers to throw to?

Donald Driver may beg to differ, but let’s face it: It’s hard for a receiver this old to have a bounce back year after not being productive at all in the 2010 season due to injuries. He’s been said to want to try and break records and play until he’s 40. I’m not saying it will or won’t happen, but it’s great to have Cobb in your pocket just in case it doesn’t work out.

James Jones is another option but by looking and researching on some of the Packer fan sites among other things, the Packer nation doesn’t have that much faith in him and the numbers don’t lie. He did stick around with the Packers after it was rumored that he may leave. The fact of the matter is he hasn’t produced up to par in the past three seasons, so it’s likely he isn’t going to start now.

So that leaves three viable option to step up and “break out”. My bet is on the tight end Jermichael Finley who will come back healthy and probably be neck and neck with Jennings as the top receiver on the team. Jordy Nelson has potential to break out…And then that leaves our man…

Randall Cobb.

Cobb is also more useful in other areas because he does have great hands, and although he’s small and he’s not the fastest player. At best right now he’s the team’s number five wide out but nobody can doubt what kind of football player he is. If you’ve forgotten, just take a look at this:

The Packer’s NEED a return game, and the preseason is going to be a perfect time for Cobb to shine, after impressing everyone already with his outstanding hands and work ethic, he may end up their starting return man before the preseason is over, and may even work his way up the depth chart to be that number four, or where I’d like to see him, in that number three spot.

So as the NFL season gets started, I hope everyone is excited as I am because I’ve been a Randall Cobb fan from day one, and I’m sure the Legend of Cobb is going to continue, whether it be in the receiving game, return game, or heck..I’m sure he’d line up on defense too.


Also, check out this link about Cobb’s quick wit on and off the football field, it’s a very nice read sent to you straight from Packer Nation: http://www.jsonline.com/sports/packers/126947563.html

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