I am a bit perturbed this evening. I have a list of things that I..."/>
I am a bit perturbed this evening. I have a list of things that I..."/>

John Calipari: Why Hasn't He Done More?


I am a bit perturbed this evening. I have a list of things that I fully expect for John Calipari to get done at UK and so far he has not accomplished any of these. You would think that with all of the money we are paying him we could get a little bank for the buck, so to speak. But this entire list has gone untouched and I want someone to make sure that this list gets to Calipari and right away.

First, I want the economy fixed here in Kentucky. We have got to get everyone back to work and get more taxes in so the government doesn’t go broke. We have had this hanging over our heads ever since Calipari got here and all he has done to fix it is bring in a lot of money to Lexington and pay a lot of taxes on the money he is getting paid, and it is not enough.

Second, I really wish he would quit messing around and finish renovating UK’s Campus. All that construction going on up there is messing with my visits to campus to check on progress. Detour here, street closed there, it is a royal pain. Fix it already.

Third, I am tired of waiting for Calipari to start UK’s own TV Network. I want to be able to watch UK’s past accomplishments without having to go to my DVR, my media cabinet, and the TV Guide. As soon as that network is up, I will be able to throw away my remote and stop changing channels constantly. It is a lot of effort to have to go through.

Fourth, I would like for him to start tweeting me when these former UK players are going to be where I can see them. DeMarcus Cousins was down here at Lake Cumberland enjoying himself on a SeaDoo last week, less than five minutes from my house, and no one told me. For crying out loud, it is the age of information. Everything is everywhere, call my cell if you have to. Geez.

Fifth, there is something that has been bothering me since Cal’s arrival on Day 1. Why no reality show on life with Calipari? If we have to watch all these other fools on Tv every week, why not Cal?? It can be the first reality show on the above mentioned TV network.

Sixth, we have got to stop all this bickering in Washington. Look what is happening with the stock market and the U.S. Credit Rating. The least Calipari can do is pick up the phone, call all of the powers that be and get them to sit down and stop all this nonsense. If Jimmy Carter can get Egypt and Israel to the table, then surely Cal can get the Republicans and Democrats to sit down and stop acting like a bunch of spoiled brats.

And last, why has Cal not yet REALLY won anything? I mean, two years and still no NCAA Championship Banner? Well, some things are worth waiting for. I guess we can give him a little slack on that one for a few more months.

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