Practice has started, team pictures have b..."/>

Practice has started, team pictures have b..."/>

Kentucky Football Excitement Scale: 2011 Football Edition


Practice has started, team pictures have been taken and media day has come and gone. It is almost time for football in the Bluegrass. As I peruse the schedule, I have an idea of what I think the final Win/Loss column will look like, but I will reveal that in a later post.

I want to share my excitement level with you for every game of the season. The scale is set on a 1 to 10 basis. 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. Let’s get down to business.

*The excitement level is not an indication of which games I think the Cats will win or lose. Just Sayin’.

Western Kentucky- 10 I know the season isn’t opening up with a gangbusters opponent, but it’s the first game, it’s on a Thursday night, it’s in Nashville, and it is against an in-state rival. What more could you ask for?

Central Michigan- 5 The Chippewas were 3-8 last season and don’t look to be much stronger this year. The Cats should roll at Commonwealth, resting up for the next opponent.

Louisville- 10 Could it be any other number? It’s the Dirty Birds, it’s the Charlie Strong hype, it’s the 4 crusty Cardinal fans that will be in Commonwealth, it’s the beer at the tailgating coupled with he trash talk. It’s the Governor’s Cup, baby.

Florida- 8 The Cat’s third home game in a row will be against a supposedly “down” Florida team led by new coach Will Muschamp. I am excited to see if the Cats can catch this team off guard or if it will be the usual 70-3 score.

LSU- 2 I want no part of LSU in Death Valley. That place has witch craft in the stadium. That is all.

South Carolina Fighting Spurriers- 9 The Cats knocked off the 10th ranked Fighting Spurriers in Commonwealth last year. We all know the Ole Ball Coach didn’t take his first loss in his career against Kentucky lightly. Look for him to pull out all the stops.

Jacksonville State- 6 These guys beat Virginia Tech last year. I know that was last year, but it could be a good game. Right?

Mississippi State- 8 In all fairness the Cats should have beaten the Bull Dogs last year. MSU has a very good team returning and are picked as a sleeper in the West. These two teams could have similar records at this juncture in the season.

Ole Miss- 7 Again, another team UK should have beaten. No more stupid Jeremiah Masoli, but Houston Nutt is still there and that guy usually has tough games planned against the Cats.

Vanderbilt 2- C’mon, we always beat these clowns.

Georgia- 9 This season could spell the end for Mark Richt as UGA’s head coach. Morgan Newton has already worked some magic Between the Hedges, let’s see if he can do it again. A second loss to the Cats at home would certainly set Richt on the path to the Unemployment Line with millions of other Americans. I shouldn’t joke about that. But I just did.

Tennessee- 10,000 Is this the year? IS THIS THE YEAR??? Can we finally beat the cocky, no good, very bad Volunteers in their own house? Derrick Dooley is the coach, the team is lackluster with no big time recruits. THIS IS THE YEAR!!!!

Which game are you most excited for WBN? Drop me a line and let me know. I’m interested in your thoughts. In a platonic sort of way.

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