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Kentucky Wildcat's 5 for Friday: Is John Calipari stuck in the dark ages?


So we all know that John Calipari is brilliant, but I think the latest news transcends the amount of brilliance we attribute to him.  Apparently John Calipari, master of twitter and ruler of facebook … does not own a computer.  I know what you are thinking …..

The man’s brain is a freaking super computer so why should he be a mere mortal and have an ordinary household computer?  We all know that his mind if a frigging ultra super processor.

Here’s a look at how the million plus twittter machine operates

Can’t wait to watch Darius Miller and his World University Games teammates take on the world in China later this month?  Well, you don’t have to.  Here is video of the WUG scrimmage against Air Force that was played last night.  Props to Ken Howlett for finding the clip and as he says, can’t John Calipari arrange a scrimmage against these guys too

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I have to say that the above picture is probably one of my favorite all time pictures.  Calipari is tan, smiling, and relaxed.  Pitino is pale, scowling, and obviously not at ease.  I really don’t know when this picture was taken, but it has to represent the public aura of the two coaches in the Commonwealth over the past two seasons.  And with the recent news of John Calipari taking his Dominican Republic team and Denny Crum to the Yum! Center, the tension has to have increased, right?  CBS Sports seems to think so: 

So we have another little drama inside the Bluegrass State. Amazing how much blogging material can be borne out of Kentucky and Louisville’s programs, right? Think about it: Duke and North Carolina, two programs that collectively have more impact and history on college basketball than the aforementioned two, don’t produce half the amount of news or conversation that UK and U of L do.

The rivalry extends beyond the maniacal fanbases. And with this thorn in Pitino’s side, the feud between he and Calipari plunges to another depth.

Speaking of CBS Sports, while that site was noting the drama between Calipari and Coach K, Matt Norlander went a step further and tried to create drama between John Calipari and Coach K.  And as we see from the tweet above, the man without a computer Calipari was quick to diffuse any drama through his Twitter account.  Here’s a sampling of Norlander’s attempt to create a feud:

And then the thinly veiled shot on Krzyzewski being Teflon to phone-call rules came whizzing by.

“Start a clean slate,” Calipari said. “Police each other, give it to league commissioners and schools to deal with. If it goes beyond that, there’s a board there that’s ready to deal with it. … You’ve got coaches being fired over phone calls and text messages. Some. Other guys can make phone calls and it’s not that big a deal.”

There’s a kaboom.

Guess what?  Football is officially back!  The players reported yesterday and the UKAA has a nice video documenting the players getting ready to get back to work

 And since there is a lot going on to
day, enjoy this extended coverage of “The Five”.  It’s kind of like when you go to see “Captain America” and sit through the credits to see the extra footage at the end promoting The Avengers.  Except you don’t have to sit through 20 minutes of crappy credits while the AMC Theatres staff give you dirty looks waiting for you to leave so they can clean up. 

As we know, Kentucky got a  commitment from Morgan Newton’s brother Langston yesterday.  Larry Vaught got to speak with proud papa Dr. John Newton, who now has two football Wildcat sons.

And John Hood, according to his twitter, has scheduled surgery for his Torn ACL on August 12.  Best of luck and wishes go John’s way.  The entire BBN is rooting for you to recover and have a strong last two years at UK.

And finally, I now have a personal twitter to go along with the site twitter and I’d appreciate it if you followed me.  I have a lot of random thoughts and some of them can be entertaining.  At least I think so.  So add my new twitter:  @Paul_Jordan_WBN.  I appreciate it and have a good Friday!

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