See the guy above, his name is ..."/>
See the guy above, his name is ..."/>

Andy Staples For NCAA Commissioner: He Gets MY Vote


See the guy above, his name is Andy Staples. No, he is not running for anything, but I want him as my next NCAA Commissioner. You see, Andy took a long hard look at the NCAA Rulebook. And then he took a machete to it. And he somehow managed to cut 384 pages from a 434 page book. Praise The Lord. This attempt at taking a “common sense” approach to the idea of running collegiate athletics is exactly the kind of approach we need SOMEONE to try.

Now before I get accused of going all “Tea Party” on the NCAA, please remember this, everyone knows that something needs to be done to get the NCAA back on it’s feet, credibility-wise. The problem is that there are so many people willing to stick their heads in the sand and just live with the status quo, that it’s actually frightening to think about. I mean c’mon, Mark Emmert is really good at talking tough, but he not only lacks the character to go after the people who are really doing harm to collegiate athletics, he lacks the ability. The rulebook is against him. And there is no way that the member institutions are going to support anyone using this kind of an approach to their livelihoods.

And make no mistake about it, their wallets are what the problem is. The NCAA is in bed with the schools (because they are the schools) and they are also in bed with the BCS ( because they are ALSO the BCS). See its like a movie where the bad guy is right out there in the open. He doesn’t have to hide, he doesnt have to sweat what he does, because everything he does is by the book. And the problem is that he is still the bad guy. You see the rules right now are structured so that no one really understands a lot of them, and when they do, they immediately have a fall back position that another rule supports. Right now Duke University is asking for an “interpretation” of the coach to prospect contact rule. They claim they do not understand that there is a period and a place during which a coach cannot contact a recruit, much less offer them a scholarship. EXCUSE ME?????

How can the rulebook be so obfuscatory that this is unclear to a school who does nothing but recruit high-profile student athletes? It’s simple. The rule is not simple, therefore the interpretation is not simple. You see, lawyers write the NCAA rulebook. That’s so the NCAA doesnt get sued. And lawyers for the schools then translate those rules for schools who are trying to get around that rule. Our own John Calipari has become so adept at finding loopholes in the rulebook, that he should be teaching a class. And I don’t discredit him for that. Any body like the NCAA, that was ignorant enough to allow their guidelines and rules to become so complicated in the first place deserves what is now happening to them. And they have the book that way for a reason. And that is so they can treat different people differently and call it “interpretation”.

The animal is getting so big it doesnt fit in the cage anymore folks. It is truly time to put it on a restricted diet. And Andy Staples seems to have found the next South Beach Diet plan for the NCAA Rulebook.

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