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Kentucky Basketball Recruiting 2013: Aaron and Andrew Harrison


Today we have a double dip into our recruiting profile. Twins from the 2013 class, Aaron and Andrew Harrison are consistently in the top 25 and are considered a package deal to the lucky college they decide to attend. They have said they basically know they will be a package deal and Cal has been in with the twins for over a year. They have stated recently they also expect to visit UK, Maryland and Villanova soon.

Both have said they really like Calipari’s style of recruiting and “no BS” attitude toward them. They have said they like Kentucky and expect UK to be a major factor in their recruitment in the months going forward. Oh yeah, and one is a point guard and one a shooting guard, how cool is that?

We will look at Aaron first, then profile Andrew and then have some videos at the end.

Aaron Harrison

6-4 205 pounds

Travis HS, Houston TX

ESPN Ranking: ***** (97) #5 SG, #14 Overall

Scout Ranking: ***** #4 SG, #12 Overall

ESPN’s analysis of Aaron:


Aaron is the twin brother of Andrew and the two don’t just share similarities in regards to looks. Their games are very closely related due to a high skill level and IQ for the game. Aaron does a great job of sprinting the floor in transition for spot up 3’s. On dribble penetration he finds the open area of the floor for penetrate and kicks, and can really knock them down when his feet are set. In the half court set Aaron knows how to use screens and good footwork allows him to get shot ready once he clears the screen. Defensively, Harrison has the size and length to lock down on the perimeter. He can give smaller guys a little space while using his length to contest shots or use his physicality to push guys off screens to the perimeter. A decent rebounder at his position, Aaron has a good knack for knowing where the ball is going off the rim and getting there.

Harrison already has a big strong body but must continue to work and maintain it. He also could be a better rebounder at times and if he wants to play the point he will need to hone those skills ballhandling, passing and setting the offense in which he is very capable. Like his brother, he has a tendency to allow his emotions (bad body language) affect his production. Overall this young player has very few weakneess but must stay hungry to continue to get better.

Bottom Line:
Harrison is a terrific shooting guard that can score to the arc and with his smooth middle game. He also uses his ability to shoot the ball to help him get shots for teammates when he attacks multiple defenders. Harrison has great size, skill and feel for the game. He can get on a role and knock down jumpers with great acurreancy. Harrison can also play the point in a pinch but he seems to think and operate more like a shooting guard. Big time size and talented perimeter player.

Andrew Harrison

6-4, 205 pounds

Travis HS, Houston TX

ESPN Ranking: ***** (97) #1 PG, #8 Overall

Scout Ranking: ***** #2 SG, #7 Overall

ESPN’s analysis of Andrew:

Harrison (Andrew) has great size and length for the point guard position. He pushes the ball very well in transition and generally makes good decisions. He uses his strength to penetrate the paint area and he has a knack for finding the open man. Whether it’s tossing a lob for his bigs or kicking it out to an open 3-point shooter, he is quite potent in that area of the game. He is a tough rebounder (especially on the defensive end) as well and defensively his lateral quickness is impressive as he has the ability to guard multiple positions.

To keep defenses honest, especially in the half court set, Harrison needs to become a more consistent 3-point shooter. He can knock down shots at various ranges, but it would benefit him if gets smoother in that area. He sometimes allows his emotions to get to him and thus it causes him to lose concentration at the task at hand. Although he is only a sophomore, it’s going to be interesting to see how he develops physically because his frame appears to be very mature for a sophomore.

Bottom Line:
Although Harrison can play both guard positions, he appears more suitable for the 1 considering his skill set. At his size he has blossoming lead guard skills and is terrific at making plays. If he can continue to develop his point guard skills and game management savvy, he should turn out to be one of the most heavily recruited prospects in the class of 2013.

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