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Kentucky Wildcat Basketball: Everyone has their opinion of "Joe B Hall-gate"


In the end, everything still seems to be the same.  Despite all the drama, threats, texts, and heated blood pressure, it still looks as if Joe B Hall will be honored at the August 15 Kentucky Legends game in one form or another.  And that is a good thing.  I love the fact that John Calipari has made Joe B Hall a vital part of the Big Blue Nation once again.  For so long, he seemed to not get the respect and adulation he deserved.

This has definitely been a hot topic over the weekend, and I admit, I was going to make it a “WBN Roundtable” for this afternoon, but the story seemed to change so much and I go emails from people at different times, it did not seem to make a readable piece due to the quickly changing events.

However, some of the WBN writers were kind enough to send their input through the weekend,. so I figured I would share those opinions instead of making this a full fledged WBN Roundtable.  As with most of the Bluegrass, the opinions went from heated to acceptance as the details came out:


I mean really, a one time exhibition game, with no one involved except the school and the Dominican team and the NCAA is going to go off the deep end? Don’t anyone EVER tell me again the NCAA is a good thing.


Okay, I’m okay with this topic being a bit on a “grey” side. Any time you are dealing with pro athletes playing then I can understand the need to keep an eye out to make sure the rules are being followed. But this isn’t the case. You’re telling me that Joe B. Hall who is a FORMER UK coach can’t coach the UK legends team? What in the world does Joe B. have to do with this? Also, I’m sure North Carolina had an alum versus pro game and of course the NCAA didn’t say anything about that. I’m in no way a conspiracy theorist about UK, but this really is the final straw with how stupid the NCAA is with some of this stuff. It’s an exhibition scrimmage, for fun…And yet local TV nor radio can pick it up. You have NCAA college football teams OBVIOUSLY cheating and obviously breaking the rules, yet the NCAA is going to nitpick over a game that has nothing to do with them.


Well, after all the revelations about UK making these adjustments have come out, it shows that the NCAA doesn’t necessarily have us on a “watch list”. However, the rules are still there and UK was simply enforcing them. These rules are just another example of the NCAA trying(and failing miserably) to prevent schools from getting unfair recruiting advantages. Because we all know John Wall came to UK because he grew up watching coach Hall. Oh wait, he wasn’t even born yet? Well instead of making rules that prevent 82-year old men from coaching “former” players, maybe they should focus on certain school networks(Texas) that show HIGH SCHOOL RECRUIT’s GAMES!!! One still wonders how North Carolina was able to “break” these rules when they did the same thing a few years ago.

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