Alright, I don't often post about football but for three years running I've bee..."/> Alright, I don't often post about football but for three years running I've bee..."/>

Kentucky Wildcat's Football: New scoreboard, new sound system = New Swag?


Alright, I don’t often post about football but for three years running I’ve been a Kentucky football season ticket holder. I sit up at the very last row with my back against the wall and I scream my lungs out passionately for the Wildcat’s…In other words, I’m a huge football fan and I’m constantly hoping for the better when it comes to the footballs squad that Kentucky puts on the field every year, but something has got to change.

I’m not often to complain. I took up for Mike Hartline every chance I got last year, and I’ll probably do the same for Morgan Newton when people will begin to bash him for having a couple of bad possessions. I’ve been there through the thick and the thin. Getting beat by LSU when we had them on the ropes at the last second. I sat in Commonwealth Stadium for 45 minutes after we come so close to beating Tennessee two years ago, and then last year I got to storm the field when we beat South Carolina.

Don’t think for a minute I’m going to bash the talent on the field or anything else, but I’m talking about something else. Something else has to change for this Kentucky team…For lack of a better term in this situation…They need…


I mean come on. We’ve got to get more of it someway. No we are getting a new sound system, new score board and ribbons between the upper and lower bowl…We have to do something with the music.

The music played in Commonwealth has been the same since I got season tickets, and the songs they play was literally old when I got there three years ago. I’m all about tradition and I can tolerate the “Welcome Back my Friends” video montage, but Kentucky needs to run out to something other than the old classical “DA DA DA DA” music, and during timeouts you can’t play “Meant to Live” by Switchfoot, even again. It was a great song back in 2002.

I won’t hate on the band, because they honestly have stepped it up and started to play better music than 60’s platinum hits, but someone needs to get on the horn to the guy who is running the music, and they need to do it quick. By the first game we should have a new sound system, which means louder sounding and better quality, not something that sounds like it’s being played in my 2000 model S10 Chevy pickup.

Just picture this, the video on the board plays to some current hit. I don’t mean something old, I mean something new, and something that thumps and let’s the other team KNOW we have a new sound system. Something that’s going to get the players hyped. Then the smoke rises and out runs the boys in blue.

I don’t ask for much when it comes to Kentucky football, but something I do want is to be a “cooler” program, and I think with Coach Tee Martin at the helm, we will see a different product on the field this year, because for a coach, he sure does seem to have “swag”.


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