Good Morning WBN and welcome to..."/>

Good Morning WBN and welcome to..."/>

Kentucky Wildcats 5For Tuesday: Ch, Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes Edition


Good Morning WBN and welcome to the Tuesday edition of the Kentucky Wildcats 5For. This Edition is all about changes ( well, partly about changes anyway), and we have the morning’s best for you. So, without further ado, here is the entertainment and news portion of our morning programming.

First: This one falls under the category of our morning “Larry The Cable Guy” post, because it’s funny, I don’t care who you are. Eric Crawford takes a shot at the new UK (and many others) Nike LeBron Unis (even though they have not yet been seen), by giving us a preview of the label ( see above). Now, it is no secret that I am no LeBron fan, and although I appreciate whatever his contributions to the Wildcats may be (so long as they are within the rules), that label gave my laptop a drenching of coffee on the screen this morning.

Second:, interviewed WBN contributor and Editor-In-Chief at A Sea Of Blue, Glenn Logan about the Football Cats and their chances for 2011. This one is not much of a change though, as Glenn sees the Cats getting a 6-6 regular season record this year, just like last year. I have to agree, Football is not going to be highly successful at UK any time soon. So I guess we continue to shine in mediocrity for now.

Third: Under the heading of “bizarre”, The Ohio State University is being sued. By ESPN. ESPN filed a “Writ Of Mandamus” with the Ohio Supreme Court, trying to compel OSU to release all e-mails and correspondence with the key word “Sarniak” (referring to Pennsylvania businessman Ted Sarniak, a Terelle Pryor advisor and confidant). Now the media is suing the schools???

Fourth: One of UK’s incoming freshmen is getting a new name. Michael Gilchrist is now going to be referred to by the moniker of Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. To honor his late uncle. A young man with a deep love of his family and his roots. Sounds like Kentucky material to me. Kudos to Michael for doing something like this.

Fifth: Under the heading of “something I thought I would never see”, Kentucky is in the news for of all things, it’s traffic. Seems as though there were a few people who couldn’t get to the track in Sparta on Saturday night, and some who got there could not find a parking place. This saddens me because getting away from the rat race was one of my major reasons for moving to Kentucky in the first place 20 years ago ( You can’t tell your boss that you are moving to a state because you want to be able to watch their basketball, can you???). And of course I would have missed the “Hillbilly Hot Tub”. Hat tip to John Clay.

Well, that’s all for this morning, so find yourself a nice cool spot where the A/C does not quit, and hunker down and get ready for what appears to be the first 100 degree day of the year (and people still do not believe in global warming???).

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